Just Been Paid Acquired By Profit Clicking – Red Flags….

Just Been Paid Profit Clicking Red Flag


Yesterday we put an article online about JustBeenPaid.

According to the message on the website of Justbeenpaid.com the website is acquired today by Profitclicking.com and Frederick Mann retired.

It looks more Frederick Mann is the man behind ProfitClicking as the ProfitClicking website is registered by the same company as JustBeenPaid, BigBooster Ltd. from South Africa, owned by Frederick Mann…..

As usual there is no information about the ProfitClicking management on the website, Red Flags all over….

Some firms questions to ask if you are recruited for ProfitClicking:


  1. Why is the Management not on the website?
  2. Why is the Profit Clicking operates under US patent no. 6,578,07 a plain lie?
  3. Is it true Profit clicking is a Ponzi scheme?
  4. Why is the online Helpdesk hardly answer questions?
  5. Is it true selective commissions are paid out to a few cheerleaders?
  6. Is it true the Commission counters are reset?
  7. Is it true Frederick Mann is on the watchlist of many legal authorities?
  8. Why is JustBeenpaid, shut down in Italy?
  9. Do you, my upline guarantee I get my money back from you if the system is shut down?


WHOIS JustBeenPaid.com WHOIS Profitclicking.com
WHOIS Just Been Paid Website


WHOIS ProfitClicking.com


Some resources to check out for this case:




The Message on JustBeenPaid website:

The time has arrived to step into the future! For months the rumor mill has whispered about the prepared evolution of JustBeenPaid!. With confidence we are thrilled to officially announce the acquisition of JustBeenPaid! by Profit Clicking. Due to its extensive member base and unprecedented business model, Profit Clicking has taken advantage of a significant opportunity to use retail products and services to enhance the organization’s core.

The retail division opens a world of possibilities to members, including a brand new traffic exchange system, a pay per click marketing network and a cutting-edge contact management and marketing system. For you, the switchover is simple and what is more important, your accounts are waiting to make the migration. Your downline, current marketing links, packages and user experience is ready for you to complete the process! Simply click on the link below and log in! More instructions will follow.

We appreciate your continued support, participation and patience while we press forward during this transition process. Please stay tuned for our latest updates. These exciting changes from an extraordinary man mark the end of an era for JustBeenPaid!, and with that the retirement of Frederick Mann. As we embark on a new journey with Profit Clicking at the helm, we wish everyone many more decades of online success.


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Comments (38)

  1. This is NOT a scam. I have been earning between 2K – 6K a month with the program based on the original 250.00 investment.
    They have had some mamagement and programming problems due to their extreme growth.

    I have been a member since February 2009. I have never seen this type of program survive more than 6 months.

    1. Well Dennis, JSS has Restart Feature which cut off half of your position which affect on your daily profit while others do not have such thing. No scam but surely more like ponzi just as zeek

      1. Hello Hendarto, the JSS Restart Feature Program that was helping it live longer life. I got 40% cut off too but i think it is ok, because i rather to work and have a long term income than nothing. That also helping people around the world can work online to support they family. What do you think?

    2. Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for the info you provided…..I am not earning as much as you, but I must say that december of last year, half of my positions just vanished, I was really ticked off………..but they did replace it eventually. I think JBP support totally stinks, and they took their sweet time paying. I honestly think that they have had money problems, and I sort of think this change to profit clicking is no more than a delay tactic to collect more interest on people’s money…….I am going to stick with it because I have profited over $1100, but the support really stinks………and I truly believe it is money troubles on the part of Mr Mann. I am not even convinced that there even is a frederick Mann. If he is SOOOOO Legal, why does he hide in Africa??? Just a thought.

    3. As a matter ot fact, I’ve always thought highly of Frederick Mann. But my discovery of the fact that he is the same person behind both JUST BEEN PAID, and PROFITCLICKING, reduces both him and his programmes, to nothing but a SCAM.
      This is exibited in the recent migration from one to the other. And all those who migerated from JUST BEEN PAID, have not been receiving their earnings. Make your reserch, you will discover that both JBP & PROFITCLICKING were registered by FREDERICK MANN. In short, the man is a SCAM.

    4. Profitclicking is SPAM <SCAM, for eight months can not remove a hundred dollars. Profitclicking lie to people and use the name of Frederick Mann.Shame on you!!!!!!!you're lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….read all your comments,they were really educative…….i joined JBP some few months ago,started with the idealogy of “never invest what you can’t afford to lose”…..i felt it was some sort of scam but still i gave a trial,am trying to be optimistic believing they are just having some internal issue they need to resolve.i hope they come back as soon as possible.

  3. Let me just say i ve been in the program since aug2011 not knowing how the program works , set up my pay processors used strong passwords my account never been hacked all is good been thru 3 restarts all is well from the initial funding in dec 2011 of 300.00 have only withdrawn 3 small amounts to see if it works i have gotten my seed money out already my account is worth a little over 6500.00 im sooooo happy to say that this program now known as profit clicking has helped me in my financial endeavors and like i said ive only made 3 withdrawals and im going to grow my account till i make 200.00 a day and then and only then i might think of making another withdrawal ……. this has been my 3 cents worth Frederick Mann ROCKS thank you FRED cul8r all

  4. To whom it may concern,

    I started with JBP/JSSTripler almost a year ago……..I only started with $20, and I just kept re-investing…..in fact, I did not request a withdrawal for about 7 months. I dont care how things turn out with Mr Mann, don’t care who the owner is, and don’t much care what happens with “profit-clicking” ………All I know is that I have withdrawn over $1200.00. Pretty good for starting out with $20. I have switched over to profit-clicking and if it takes 2 weeks to migrate everything, so be it…..don’t care about why Mr Mann switched over, because I have already profited $1180. Hope this helps some of you.

  5. Hi everyone. It seems that JBP returned to their old website justbeenpaid.com. I migrated my account to profitclicking.com, had no jbp money transferred to it, but this morning I logged on into the justbeenpaid.com, bought a position just like as normal and could see my account balance as it was. By the way, if a transition to profitclicking.com succeeds, will the money earned in JBP until this time be lost or they will be moved and keep earning as usual?

  6. I dont see how you can make a lot of money from jbp with the restarts, they took 75% from the last restart, no wonder Mr Mann retired.
    They almost wiped out my account and many others I know. I managed to double my money but now i’m back to square one. I dont belive people are earning thousands from this program.

  7. Checked out patent # 6578070 claimed by Profit Clicking and it was filed in 1993 and approved in 1999 for a video server continuous feed. Not for a legit HYIP as they claim to be. RUN PEOPLE! RUN! Just a matter of time this will shut down, plenty of victims for sure. If a HYIP has to lie about it’s patent….well, you finish the sentence.


    1. I definitely agree Pierre! You need a product based business with a solid company to earn actual residual income. Remember folks, this is netWORK marketing. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. May not be you getting hurt but many others may be hurt. I could not sleep at night if I thought I had just “got” someone into my business to make a quick buck and they could lose money by not understanding what they were getting into.

  8. Ted thanks for all of the updates you do in the industry, I’m not affilitated with the company mentioned, but makes me more grateful for our founder and leadership. The Instant pay that we receive within 3 minutes is truly changing lives across the globe.

  9. Are any of you getting money out of ProfitClicking yet?
    I couldn’t find any withdrawal button?
    I made a JSS withdrawal request rom my JSS website before the change to Profit Clicking
    on Aug 18 But haven’t received the $100 yet

    1. No withdrawals allowed at present. Moderators sidestep this question since they have not been informed. Probably won’t be instituted for a couple of weeks after site up and running again as Profitclicking. Their countdown clock is a joke. IT “staff” haven’t a clue as to actual start because nothing is static with computers. Anyone watch the astronaut launches? Sometimes the wait was a month and several false attempts. I am not defending them. I think everyone should be sure and only use dollars you can afford to lose and still be able to pay the bills.

  10. I have been involved in JBP for almost 14 months. My sponsor paid $20.00 to get me started. I really was NOT Interested. After a couple of weeks went by, my sponsor and friend called me to see how I liked it , and to check my earnings. I checked and found I made a little over 3.00. Still not impressed. I showed my wife, and she decided to invest 100.00. Now I made 10.00 comission on the 10 positions she bought. She was now making 2.00 a day, and telling as many family and friends as she could find.
    She recruited 12 people, who collectively purchased 420 positions. She made 42.00 which she reinvested in 4 more positions, earning her another .80 a day. I made 21.00 on her referals positions, which I also reinvested. And every time one of these people buy another position, my wife makes a 1.00 and I make .50. Long story short, we have between us made over 40K in our bank account money.Not JBP. We are looking forward to Profitclicking and a prosperous end of the year. Remember Good things come to those who waite.
    Best of luck to all of us.

  11. I am waiting patiently on the fence as a previous JBP member. Myself, I’ve taken out my seed money and have grown my acct. to a healthy size. But I stopped recruiting back in July when the program started stalling and delaying daily earnings, and members started showing discontent on not being able to w/d when they wanted. — I am now sitting on a 4 month backlog of matrix positions that are sitting in ‘limbo’ as many others in the matrix program (money was transferred to these sitting positions through several restarts) time will tell I guess – but will wait until system is stable, my daily earnings are back on track & my matrix positions are placed and start to cycle again before promoting this program.

    on the good side> speedy new servers, an updated website, a REAL Traffic Exchange, and better packaged products.

    BTW: the way I read the patent they claim to operate under: gives them the right to operate under an umbrella of programs (check) meaning payout money CAN come from multiple income streams (various programs)
    AND>the right to manipulate cycling of matrices AND to control the w/d of members funds (check) for the overall benefit of the entire program and it’s members.

  12. That is SCAM!
    Check the pattent they provide on their website :
    U.S. Patent Number: 6,578,070
    They are not owners of the pttent , details below
    Method and apparatus for implementing seamless playback of continuous media feeds
    June 10, 2003
    Daniel Weaver (Redwood City, CA United States of America), David J. Pawson (Palo Alto, CA United States of America)
    They change JBP to PC just to get some time to run with our money

    1. I too checked out the patent number. Brought that issue to the guy who recommended PC to me. He responded ?Maybe I got the patent number wrong then, try 6578010. THAT patent refers to running a ?multi-node network marketing computer system? filed in 1995 and issued in 2003. I?ll be looking to see if the parent site also changes the patent number. While THAT patent is more in line with PC?s business model, the nature of a patent is NOT to define the legality of the business model nor it?s operational compliance with the public nor with how it handles its revenue flow nor establish guidelines for how the affiliates are representing it as a money making entity. To my knowledge, compliance is a area under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and/or the Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC). But the US Patent Office? not so much. All that to say, the legal compliance factoid on the site leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, referring to a patent number to demonstrate the legality if its relationship to future affiliates sounds misleading and generally ?hinkey?. After what happened to Zeek Rewards, it can?t hurt to dig really deep before giving PC your money. Those in Zeek who made big incomes now face the possibility of being sued by the North Carolina Court?s appointed receiver to return their earnings as ill-gotten gains (or ?claw-back? litigation). If the court approves that action, that will really suck for a lot of people. So folks, be careful.

  13. Can anyone prove their claim it’s a ponzi? I cannot. If it were a ponzi, it would have imploded a long time ago. I don’t know anything about the patent, or who owns what. I CAN ONLY GO BY THE FACTS. The facts prove people are earning profit, and nobody is losing money. Those are the facts to date. So you can speculate all you want, but if you don’t have facts proving people are being hurt, then you are making false assumptions. Show us the evidence of anyone losing with documented proof, then post your results. So far all I read is happy people and people making more than they put in.

  14. It has been good so far under JBP. I invested $3k over a period of time having joined in january 2012 and i signed up a few people. I have since withdrawn all my seed money. I have gone through 2 restarts the first one was mild but second one wiped 75% of my triplers which is to give me matrices supposed to make me earn $13k plus. I was at $12k before the migration. I am anxiously waiting to continue as i aim to withdraw my $300 plus a day once i reach $16k which is my target. If all goes well i must earn over $23k by year end from matrices and daily earnings.

  15. Hi members?

    Now it is claera that due to recent restart and migrations practise our fellow member was right to confirm the following phrase:

    “Lets see where it goes in the next two weeks. I am still keen on investing some cash in the 2% dayly systems, to see where it goes, but I certainly won’t be making large cash loans to fund my profitclicking account just yet”

    By now we are in que for withdraws rather than external funding to PC. – amazing!

  16. Since i am good friends with the same SEC man that took down Zeek and he has been a member of JBP/JSS and now PC since it started. They said, PC cannot answer the questions: Where is the money coming from to pay the older members, Frederick said it on another post that he takes in new peoples money to pay older members. The facts are that makes it a ponzi. If the store was operational, then they could have used the money taken in from it to pay everyone. All the earnings right now are depleted trying to pay off the coder and the admins of the PC site. The SEC has close to a hundred operatives inside the site recording everything, taking screenshots and know exactly where the servers are. Patriot act says they the SEC can take them down no matter what country they are in. SEC is stronger than the president himself. And the man( SEC ) said if he dont start seeing the changes that were relayed to them to make themselves compliant then they are getting took down. All members like the mods and admins get hooked into the jail system with the owner. Since its a conspiracy between all the members who run it, then thats what it takes. The owner of Zeek admitted his site was a ponzi……what part of that didnt you all read? I am still waiting on a withdraw for over a week now…..why? no money…..have to get in new money to pay out the older and newer members. Ponzi scheme just like Bernie Maddoff. Seems nobody pays any attention to the signs or just want to believe their own jargon. I hear it from the SEC’s mouth…… It is like this….they are all surrounded, they cant hide, they know where every admin and every mod lives and breathes and has breakfast and supper,,,,,they are watched 24/7 and recorded at long distance recorders….they hear everything. Now what are you all gonna say now? Never invest anything you cant afford to lose. Thats the way it is. Anytime any site puts you earn a certain %, ROI back on what they put in, makes themselves a securities seller website and has to be registered with the SEC, and FTC in all 50 United States. That my friends is the law. Doesnt matter what country they’re in, floating on a boat or anywhere. Patriot act says they can come and get them anytime they want. I dont care if anyone of you like what i said. I just relay the facts. Fredericks Payment processors are the ones used to make the payouts…..so who retired? nobody. So far SEC has them in several hundred lies plus inside confirmation….Whats that say to you all here now huh? I suggest you bury your heads in the sand because you put too much trust in a Ponzi scheme that ohhhhh……looked so right. but is ohhhhhhhh so wrong. Thats all i have to say. Just a matter of some time now. They have enough evidence to do it right now….but wait and see.

  17. Hello all. Has anyone else been having problems with the PC website ever since the merger from JSS Tripler to PC??? The pages take forever to load if they ever do at all. My dad is the one that invested in this company even though I had suggested it is a bad idea. Now that they have changed hands for the 3rd time, what to do? Especially now that he can’t even make purchases online like he used to and there is no one else that he knows that can help him relearn the new website as now it looks and acts completely different. Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks all. Am I wrong for thinking this is a bad business decision? So far I see no clean, clear, cut explanations of how to make money from this website and no training to guide him through this difficult process.

  18. Hey btw, nice blog but 1 thing bug me so much with this company, they play with our mind coz they continually changing theirs TOS and never deliver what they say !! sadly over 13 days for my 1st new PC cashout ans still zero ..saying queue bla bla bla…Do you think they are honest peoples??? I think not coz action is the only True answer to any questions from the members, right ? SO, why delays about this and that, always their bla blaa bla is never matching the reality of their so called “Actions”, so, promoting a company with no real time action back up = scammers or ponzi coz just see their patern, delay before paying, changing from 2% to 1 % from last restart..does it buzz you bells??? changing TOS to their advantages !!! means it is a ponzi…so, i respect your blog (nice) but sadly promoting this CO= not telling the all truth about them and im sure inside of you, your frustrated with their changing and surely soon a new restart with no explanation will just show you their evil side coz they are not transparent are they seem to be.

  19. I agree with you Ex member, it look like they just wanna gain some more time to remove all the money from eBank processors, playing cat and mouse games with their member’s…this is sad for all of them and surely and slowly, we will remember them as the greatest scam of all time with 3 millions + members. Never trust any company with their sayings, just believe the facts of theirs actions only and then, you will be able to red flag any missing promises as their fall down !! Too late for PC to clean up, your damages is too big and your too late to even try to fix it !!!

  20. Yup… new restart is now official, the 25th October 2012 is the date it happened but will be effective on mid November, so they cannot pay anyone and this is they’re little dirty tactic to cut down the daily profit up to 75% off for each member!!! so the mathematics is you will never profit from them coz each 3 months or so, always get a new restart !! So for me i give up with them…they cannot deliver nothing except those good story line messages and no payout to no one in my down-line…DO not join them, period !!!

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