Just Been Paid – The Next SEC Target?

Just Been Paid


After ZeekRewards was closed down by the USA SEC, we have noticed numerous Ponzi rumors about Just Been Paid.

Frederick Mann is the owner, developer and admin of the Just Been Paid (JBP) System which includes JSS-Tripler, JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS), JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp.

Frederick Mann told in an interview:

My professional background was mainly in computer programming and systems analysis. I also have experience as a professional gambler with blackjack and craps, having found ways to “shift the odds in my favor” so I enjoy a statistical advantage over the casinos.

I learned about managing money and risk. I also have some experience in direct-mail marketing. I’ve researched several areas extensively, including freedom, psychology, philosophy, politics, health, and personal growth and success. I’m also a pretty good chess player with some strategic thinking skills.

Question: JSS-Tripler is your “latest and greatest.” What sets JSS-Tripler apart from all the others?


Frederick Mann: First, it’s very easy to make money with. Members can start with just $10. They earn 2% per day and can see their earnings added to their accounts every day. Daily compounding and withdrawals are allowed. It’s a “passive program” — no sponsoring requirements. No work required, except a requirement to surf 30 sites every week.


Looking to the Alexa ratings and Facebook Likes you see a simular growth as ZeekRewards, we are not surprised as Just Been Paid is on the SEC watchlist….


Just Been Paid Alexa Rankings August 2012

Facebook Likes : 25,875

Just Been Paid Facebook Likes August 2012



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Comments (23)

  1. If I wanna invest my time and money, the company, if it is USA based, must be DSA approved/registered, with more than 2 years of successful business and last but equally important, an INSTANT pay system. We can not monitor and evaluate every opportunity out there, so it is best to trust those who meet the standards. Instant Pay gives me the opportunity to recover my investment fast.

    1. I just got burned by Zeek at the time I was going to take money out. I am in pretty bad financial shape but working online is the ideal thing for me. I do not know anything about these companies but want an honest one. If yo were starting as a computer novice, what would you pick? Thanks for any help you can give.


      1. Quando for trabalhar com empresas de marketing multinível ou Hipys, nunca ponha os” ovos numa mesma cesta” , trabalhe com 3, 5, 7 ou quantos você puder dar conta. Se uma quebrar você não terá tanto prejuízo, pois as outras compensarão.

  2. creo que todo el mundo esta cansado de el tradicional MLM que solo te envuelve en venta de producto a un precio bastante alto y tardan demasiado en recuperar sus inversiones, esa es la razon que mas gente busca este tipo de programas, mas riesgo mas ganancia

  3. I wish more people could read my blogs…if its too good to be true IT REALLY IS! And if you put nothing in or minimal in you get just that, We are all intelligent people please use your brains. Let’s stop being victims and blaming others for our own bad judgements. Yes there are bad companies out there, let’s do our part due diligence…ask questions, talk to others on the team and if you hear you don’t have to do anything, it’s so easy and nothing to invest…then RUN for the hills.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    I am not in Zeek or Just Been Paid, but I have been invited to both and decided not to join because of a gut feeling. That being said, I do not know whether Zeek or Just Been Paid are good or bad. But I do find something amusing. Maybe someone can help me with my questions. The government, with their fancy logos and names, are suppose to protect us from private businesses running Ponzi schemes, right? Fine, that’s nice. So who protects us from government running Ponzi schemes like Social Security and Medicare? Is it the opposite way? Do private businesses take the government to court for this? At least in a private Ponzi we have a choice to participate or not. In a government Ponzi we are automatically opted-in. So that’s the amusement. Anyone want to go sue the government? Just so you know, they have an endless supply of money (it comes from us; you and me).

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Thank you for your comment!!! Yes… something to think about !! They are not protecting the people, they just want to share in some or all of the funds accumulated in there. They just say that they will return the money to the people but ask them when? They will keep it to themselves.
      Why not leave them alone.. It’s the people’s money and they are old enough to decide what to do with them. If they win, good.. if they lose, it’s their decisions. But when the government takes it.. it is by force!!! not on people’s free will.
      Hey, don’t they like this, people earns money to buy what they want and stimulate the economy?
      those who complained.. why did you join to start with? So many things in life is a gamble, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
      JBP sells advertising credits through a legal advertising module and success training products !!! But shares it’s income with the members, just like a co-operatives.

    2. Well said. Yes, I would like to sue the government. But, like you said, they have an endless supply of money, lawyers, and goons I don’t see that Zeek Rewards hurt anyone and yet they get shut down. Our government kills people every day and they run endlessly.

  5. When seeking out a company I look at the leadership and whether or not not they have a viable product or service. Also is this company presenting a positive and true mission statement or presence within the industry they represent.

    Thank You For This Information Ted.

  6. Bidify is in the process of completely chaning their comp plan around and have already eliminated many things. It Is moving moretowards a traditional network opportunity and it will be totally different from the way it used to look. I think their pro-active changes will keep them off the radar screen like other penny auctions.

  7. I joined JBP based on the success a good friend has experienced. I “risked” very little money and further, find value in the products, training and integrity that Frederick Mann exudes. NOTHING is guaranteed in life and this is certainly not a company to “park” all your money in hopes to generate 1.5 – 2% daily. In addition, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme by any stretch either….this is a long term play and based on it’s design by purchasing “advertising” positions and them moving into matrices; with a “restart” that evens out the playing field for all involved. I think it’s ingenious, giving everyone an opportunity to achieve financial freedom and give back. I’m rooting for Mr. Mann!

  8. This industry is about personal development, training, coaching, leading, believing, hard work, following a prove system and persevering . Only the strong survive this industry. If people want a quick thousand test your belief and go play the lottery. this industry is more than a day to day dream. It is for people to generate wealth. businesses like this makes it hard for the person to appreciate what they are receiving. It makes the strongest person weak. There are people sacrificing their family time to build a solid business create a future for their family and to hear a person sits on their behinds all day clicking away is just not how success comes. Way to easy. For people that feels this is the way to go and making thousands a day. invest your money into real businesses and give people jobs that has employee mindsets. Or give back to the community. You can not out give the universe. As you can see SEC is cracking down on companies like this. Do not have any regrets like all the people that invested into Zeek Rewards. My heart goes out to all of them and I believe everyone of them can pick themselves up and reach for there dream. I wish everyone the best with your businesess. Lets start reading between all the lines before we invest our hard earned dollars.

  9. Frederick Man is a fugitive who has been involved in several cases of fraud Ponzi scheme in the U.S. who is now living in Africa and open a Ponzi system is the same as the name of JustBeenPaid. But whether the government (SEC) may bring an action against JustBeenPaid, while Freederick Man is no longer in the jurisdiction of the U.S.? Especially now JustBeenPaid already on the lid and turn it into ProfitClicking Frederick Man with the same scheme but in different products. What do you think Ted?

  10. I have been a member of JustBeenPaid from the time it was in Beta. To date I have made over 45000.00 with an original 250.00
    investment. It has had some problems with growth and management. bu all in all it’s the only matrix program that has lasted for
    more than 6 months.

  11. What is really happening here? i started this bussiness few months ago and i’m earning up to $20 per day and never withdraw a cent.i was introduce to this site by my friend who is in the hospital now from the sock of the news not knowing of the migration to the new site.please i’m losing my friend cause he invested alot in d bussiness.mann!!!! if my friend die,hmmmmmmm he is waiting for good news in the hospital and none is coming.please i don’t want lose my friend.

  12. When introducing a new venture or company to you friends or prospects you Ned to have confident that the company is legitimate also that it has a product that is consumable or useful to the byer the product delivers the Promise.

  13. Que mega fraude de JustBeenPaid el unico programa patentado e indefinidamente sostenible fue un verdadero fraude disfrasado pero por lo menos no robaron a todos sus seguidores solamente a los que supuestamente les hakearon sus cuentas o sea cubrir el hoyo que ya tenian en rojo y despues salir con la mentira a flote ya se vendio a otra empresa SON UNOS FALSOS .

  14. I know it was very shocking to see the migration happen without any prior notification by the company. But had no option then to wait and watch what happens. Finally the wait has paid off, the website has started crediting daily sales commission to every member who surf at least 3 website a day from their traffic exchange. Also want to update all that I received payout after the migration, hope the company does much better ahead as said in the dashboard.

    One thing I would say is never seen a conference room open 24 x 7 updating everyone about the companies progress, i’ve been into many online program (both good and bad ones), but a scam company would not keep in touch with its members like this.

    All the best to everyone. Hope everyone is able to withdraw back their initial investment.
    I’m putting together my own blog to keep people updated about online program.

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