Paul Burks Founder Rex Venture Group Tells Zeek Story In His Own Words


Paul Burks, Founder Rex Venture Group tells the Zeek story In his own words to a group of affiliates.

We are not sure when this home made video was taped with a mobile, could be in december 2011. Anyway Paul Burks never liked publicity so this video is pretty unique...

After about 12 minutes Kalpesh Patel from the UK is calling in, to say hello.

Around 36:20 minutes Paul Burks admits : [private_platinum]


We are looking at things now that will keep that realistic.

You can earn a great deal of money in rewards with our program, and right now we have people that are in the hundred thousands in VIP balances.

You can’t let that go forever, otherwise you would be operating a Ponzi scheme.


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