Paul Burks Founder Rex Venture Group Tells Zeek Story In His Own Words


Paul Burks, Founder Rex Venture Group tells the Zeek story In his own words to a group of affiliates.

We are not sure when this home made video was taped with a mobile, could be in december 2011. Anyway Paul Burks never liked publicity so this video is pretty unique...

After about 12 minutes Kalpesh Patel from the UK is calling in, to say hello.

Around 36:20 minutes Paul Burks admits : [private_platinum]


We are looking at things now that will keep that realistic.

You can earn a great deal of money in rewards with our program, and right now we have people that are in the hundred thousands in VIP balances.

You can’t let that go forever, otherwise you would be operating a Ponzi scheme.


For a full in depth analysis of the video check behind MLM


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  1. Good onya Ted great to get an insight to the recent posts having never heard of Zeek, its been great to follow and try to get an understanding of the leadership along with the ease of which words can effect lives both positively and negatively.
    Ted are you able to share the marketting strategy Zeek was utilising.

  2. We all love Paul Burks or say, Millions who could understand Zeek Rewards programme. The ones who did not are screaming out it was: 'FRAUDULENT!" A confession to the ones did not work or understood Zeek Rewards? Let's have a laugh! Hahahaha

  3. well this is all well and good wish we would have had this interview before we all signed up into zeek rewards you can tell he is scamming just by his body language. And really he gets off with a $ 4,000,000.00 dollar broom to sweep it under the table like all the rest of the thiefs in business now come on people where is Dawn Olivaries in all of this and the rest of the clan now when all of this going on you cant tell me that they weren’t hideing in there closetes and now where is the motivational speaking or speaker now??????

  4. its very interesting they got their ass kiked but still they don’t want to admit this was a big fraudulent and the interesting part is they don’t understand anything about networking and they still protect this kind of companies and now it make sense why they protect paul and zeek ,because they like to lie to people and make quick cash money and put poor people and the families in deep shit just because they were making money, dud u zeekler need to think about this twice and don’t try to prove this business was based on a right standards and why he says in video 95% will win because he is smart and he knew this is the best way to make fast money and bring hard working people into this kind of business and give them the hope that they can make money with out doing anything and people put their money out even from 401k and now see what happened to them, and some people here they r asking Ted why r u showing this video or is this an old or new video, dude who cares its new or old u need to see and learn and next time don’t put people in this kind of shit and i want to say thanks to zeek also so they did this even it hurts but at least opens people eyes to not trust that people any more and trust me i got approached with zeek 10 times and if i was not smart to look at it really deep i would of bee in the same situation but trust me if i was there who ever that person be to put me in situation i would of make him or her to pay 5 times of my money so he/she learn next time don’t play with peoples life and i would say u guys were lucky u didn’t or couldn’t sign me up other wise i would of teach that person really good lesson, and thanks ted for the update

  5. At this point in time, we need to move on much like we did after the Madoff deal.
    That was a very rough time for many of us. Thats what led me to network marketing.
    Thanks Bernie!

  6. I hope those who heavily promoted Zeek Rewards have not spent all the money they claimed to have made, the could well find themselves being pursued by the Receiver who will be looking to recover the money, if only to pay what will be a collosal fee for sorting the shambles out and repay some of the ‘little fish’ who believed the lies.

  7. There are U.S. based MLM type companies that may be ripping off International customers but these types of companies only get shut down when U.S. customers complain. Many ponzi scheme type companies are making most of their money FROM overseas since the U.S. economy is tanking.. International customers should alert U.S. authorities when they feel like they’re being ripped off.

  8. The SEC has stated they will they will go after all the people that made money in Zeek as they did with the Bernie M scheme. Good luck to those people, hope you didnt spend it all!!!

  9. eu sou do Brasil sabe 120.000.00 pessoa entraram Zeek no nosso pais ..e a maioria estao prejudicados entraram recentimente inclusive eu coloquei tudo tinha.. e nao saquei nada , o governo amarecano vai fazer oq com agente?por favor me manda noticias daí,

  10. Zeekrewards changed the life of many for good. U.S never like the needy getting rich!!. But like ripping off international affiliates. Paul Burke is a good man. When your aim is to fight Zeek, do not run yourself, because what goes around, comes round.

  11. ZeekRewards is the biggest scam in the history of Network marketing. People need to wake up for the illusion that zeek rewards was a legal business model. I wonder what Kaplesh Patel thinks about this. He had a big downline in UK and US and lots of people under him and I am sure he raked lot of money and now SEC unplugged the plug and all his cash flow is gone.

    SEC did the correct thing. They didn’t bring it down. I feel it was bought down from the complains that NC Attorney Generals Office received. In May, a former employee who worked at zeek also complained to Attorney Generals office in North Carolina to investigate zeek and that is how SEC got involved. As usual SEC, being a government organization took 3 months to take action but I am happy they did as that saved lot of other people from getting hurt. If SEC has not pulled the plug, this would have continued and resulted in lot more people loosing money . I admire the ethics and courage of that employee who complained to AG office .

    This is a good learning lesson for all of us including me. For all network marketers who think they can join a business and rake 1.5% by spending 2 min a day posting add , need to realize its not real. .. Its like saying I will enter into a legal marriage with my spouse and then talk to her for 5 min a day and hopefully the relationship will not only pay high dividends but also be sustainable in long term. Ask your spouse what will happen if you did so ? We need a criminal investigation against zeek , its employees , management and top affiliates who knew thatt his was Ponzi and still recruited people. One can complain to AG office at [email protected].

    If your zeek illusion is still not shattered, please google and read that a top criminal attorney from North Carolina on behalf of 100 zeek reward affiliates has already field Class Action Lawsuit against zeek and its top affiliates. Now these affiliates will have to go through the misery of fighting these court cases and if found guilty suffer civil and criminal penalties. . What you sow is what you reap. You always have a choice in what you want to sow. Choose wisely.

    Thanks Ted for putting this video. Its important to make people aware of the truth .I also feel that the Penny Auction MLM game is over. None of the will survive after the SEC ruling . SEC case against Rex venture clearly states that only about 2% of money was coming from Penny Auctions . So this isn’t a profitable business model . Whether its Bidify, Bids that Give or any new Penny Auction startups, they will all go away . If they ask the people who join to buy sample bids then they the are violating SEC laws and they are illegal to start with. I wish you all the best in your next venture . BidMaverick.

    1. Bidmaverick
      It is your ignorance thinking which you expressed to Paul success as many of MLM experts can’t gain such success in that short term which Paul do?

  12. I would like to thank paul for creating such a great business model. So far zeeklers have not heard from Paul about what went wrong with the business model he created. First of all I would like to say thank you Paul for giving so many people hope. You were able to give US citizens in 18 months something that the Federal Government has failed to do in the last fifty years. Paul you created a following of people who called themselves Zeeklers. Zeeklers are concerned about you and would do business with you tomorrow if you would revamp your business model so that it would truely work. There are people within the Zeekler community with knowledge that would help you in any way possible to make it work in a different business, maybe called The New Zeekrewards. You know why it failed, fix it. If not hire someone that can and let’s take this business to the next level , Rome was not built over night neither was the light bulb . That is what great people do, think about the light bulb, it evolved. If Paul is the man that he was always introduced as at the red carpet events he should step to the table and protect his image and integrity. Paul, I hope you get to read this, Zeeklers are waiting to hear from you man! You still have a great following. Make this right, if you don’t have the knowledge in house Zeeklers around the world will help you get it. You don’t have to know everything, the knowledge is out there ask for help. I am pleading with you, do not go out like this. I represent all the people you instilled hope in that still believe. The Paul Burk story will be told write the last chapter yourself. You have to know what you created. I would work on your team for free to make this workable within the law, it can be done. We need to hear from the real PAUL as always introduced and you know exactly what I am talking about. Troy Dooly open up a communication channel so that Paul Burk can hear what true Zeekler’s have to say. Paul if you are not the man that you was always introduced as that sold me on your program, then you will not respond to this and the last chapter of the book is already written and the book will be closed. How will you be remembered by the new generations that will follow, man you have a great opportunity here!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hello, I am from Czech reubliky and I was a client Zeekwardsu, Zeekwardsu invested a lot of money and that brought us from the Czech Republic is at least 1000 clients. Zeekwards no longer work we hope to recover the money or is not?
    With the company Zeekvards we were very satisfied and we keep fingers crossed that it has ceased to exist and continued its activity is being!

  14. 20 August 2012 Confirmed Zeek Rewards Updates from Management
    Latest News From Zeekrewards Table:
    Dear Affiliates,

    This is to Inform you all that since we have to stop the Business for few Legal Issues in NC, We have paid the Fines and Penalties and We are shutting down Business for a few days and shifting our Main Office to Europe, since the Law is different there so we can resume our business from there, just keep Patience We’ll come back in the Business, Meanwhile we are launching another company (to keep your Passive Income) under Rex Venture Inc.

    You’ll be updated About it later Keep sharing the news we need your Help keep your Down lines Calm.

    Thank You
    Keep Trusting
    Success IS My Destiny

  15. 19 August 2012 Zeek Rewards Updates from Management
    People I wanted to tell you all I know about the Zeek sites. I am not going to sugar coat any of it, as it is business as usual with me.

    Zeek has only had 7 complants to the Attornery General office in NC
    and 6 of them were bogus. They were told today by the AG?s office
    that it is all of the little issues that needed to be addressed

    Here are issues they were talking about:

    Getting charged twice for the video package of $29.95 when you upgrade. Your credit card is hit several times for the monthly
    renewals, Folks signing up many times because when they get a notice
    that the user name and password does is invalid. Just a bunch of
    little things that cause folks to get mad and send in a complaint to the AG. The AG has to check out every complaint. And unfortunately
    these are things that Zeek management did not take so seriously or it was not a priority to them at the time, BUT IS NOW !!!

    They had hired an IT group to come in and fix our software issue just recently and today they had started shutting down one of the 24
    servers and all of them crashed at the same time. That is why we went off line today. No one knows what was going on in the field except we
    all just had a cow at the same time and my phone started over heating
    up with all of the calls. So this is why I am communicating with you.
    Zeek has their hands full right now so I will keep trying to be a good leader for our team.

    Zeek still has the LV and Atlanta office open and we are still in business. It is only the NC office with the problem. If they can
    not work out the issues with the NC State Attorney General it is real easy to just pack up and move the computer servers to another state
    where Zeek is already established.

    We have been tested by the (FTC) Federal Trade commission 3 times, and
    they have found nothing wrong with our business model.

    Zeek is not going anywhere except maybe moving out of NC which is the worst state in the Union for a Network Marketing Company. They are
    still trying to get over 50 years ago when AmWay kicked their butt and
    proved they were not a pyrmid.!!!

    SO have a good night sleep and tomorrow I will bring you up to date on
    their progress. We have an incredible opportunity so let?s hang on to
    it and not let anyone steal our dream.

    Don?t believe all of the junk on the internet. Other networking
    marking companies are having a field day on us, because they would
    love to have their Distributors back. !!!!

    Thank You
    Keep Trusting
    Success IS My Destiny

  16. Zeek come back soon from the challenges you are facing. We all love zeek and it will soon
    operate once again and may god bless our request – ameen. Mr.Paul bring us our hopes
    back and start soon this honest company once again.

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