ZeekRewards Receiver Appointed



United States District Judge Graham Mullen has appointed Kenneth D. Bell as the temporary receiver, empowering him to take control of Zeek’s assets and begin an investigation.  

Mr. Bell is a Partner at the Charlotte office of McGuireWoods, where his practice includes white collar crime. It is likely that Bell took control of Zeek’s offices yesterday immediately after the Order was signed.

In the Order, Judge Graham also ordered Burks to provide a list of all assets, employees, and creditors of Zeek to the Receiver within 10 days, and a full accounting of assets, bank accounts, and other property within 30 days.


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Comments (19)

  1. I wish I could tell you call that the process is quick and that you will get all of your money back. Please do some research on other companies like 12 Daily Pro and Auto Surf Daily that were closed down by the SEC for the exact same thing and you will find several things: 1. the chances of you getting all your money back is zero. You will receive something but it is usually between 1 and 3 percent of what you invested. 2. This process can take years. I speak from experience as I’ve gone through this before. Keep your eyes on the Zeek Rewards website as the Receiver will update the site.

  2. I also sent in my savings of $10,000 in hopes of improving my family setting in this tough economy. I just sent it on 7/30/12 and it was cashed by ZeekRewards/Rex Venture Group on 8/12/12 so needless to say I to never got to see any money. I will keep watching these post to see if anyone has any solutions on possibly getting money back.

  3. I also invested but was waiting for it to go a year. So I only lost $250 and lucky did not bring anyone else into this business. I have a question I know some people that made millions from this business. Since Paul is turning over all his records will the government go after the people who made more than the investment back. This is money that would be owed to the people who did not make back their investment. Here is a website the receiver said will be up to claim your looses. http://www.zeekrewardsreceiver.com Kenneth D. Bell as the temporary receiver. The website is not up yet I just checked. Hope this helps

  4. The faster way is to ask your friend or his friend in your Zeek upline to pay you back from there profits. The receiver has a list of all those who received the $300million plus paid out I assure you they will all be paying the money back, cars, houses, and other stuff the money was spent on. Its a simple call. If they refuse you take action and file a small claims suit. really easy to do. Most small claims suits will also lead to criminal charges since sec won the Ponzi charges here against Zeek. The IRS would love a courtesy call to for those who been bragging how much money they made in Zeek. IRS has a rewards program for whistle blowing too. Call the credit card company explain to them the deal with sec and you will win back the monthly charges.

  5. If it hasn’t been too long since you gave Zeek Rewards your money order, you may be able to put a “stop payment” on it. I checked with my bank where I got the money order on July 11, 2012 and I was told that the money order has not cleared yet. I have to go into a branch to get it stopped but it is well worth the trip.

    Another affiliate got her money order from a grocery store. She called the number, got a recording that told her that the money order had not cleared. She has to send $15 with a signed form but still, well worth the effort.

    Also, if you paid for your subscription and/or compliance course with a credit card or debit card, you may be able to get a refund under their “fraud” clause. They may issue you a different card but it is still worth it.

  6. Who gave the U.S. government the right to steal money from the company awards Zeke. It is the money of people who had the opportunity to earn money. But money is not the U.S. judicial system. You Americans, with its vaunted “democracy” at the head of their government robbed Russian pensioners. You $ 1,000 – a penny, if earned in a year. For Russian pensioners $ 1,000 wealth. The Russian government did not think of their older citizens, to pay them a pension of less than 200 dollars. We, Russian pensioners, decided that in the U.S. is legal. Earned money will always be paid. No, you robbed us. Stole our honestly earned for the year 1000 – 1500 dollars. And how should we think about the United States, a country of democracy? I’ll tell you – you are shameless thieves and robbers. And the same thing your government – you are thieves. Here’s how we think now of the United States. You our money to these gentlemen Americans strongly overeat and bursting like a balloon. Smelly faeces – your government and you, if you allow these.

  7. This is good because it is taking some of the heat off of the BP fiasco in the Gulf, Enron, tax misallocations, and other failures. When they make mistakes, they get time, money and professional guidance because they provide “jobs”. When Zeek Rewards makes mistakes we get hammered because we give opportunity in an innovative marketing format that was a threat to everything that has put us into this recession. How could our government not reacted and offered support a year ago after witnessing all the income opportunities coming out of Lexington, North Carolina, USA? “Unemployment” is paralleling depression times statistics? About 40, 000 have signed a petition begging for mercy, is anyone listening? Where is the President of America when 500,000 American Dreams have been stolen from them. He’s angry about paying $4 a gallon for gas so it’s going to take him a while to get here.

  8. Yesterday (8/20) I went to my bank and found 4 cashier’s cks that were still showing as outstanding. I put a stop payment on all of them and was told that once the clearing house verified they were in fact outstanding the money would be transferred back into my account. Some of those cks were sent over a month ago. One of my downline did the same. Their ck was sent on 6/11 and they were able to put a stop payment on it. Give it a try. If it hasn’t been cashed it will likely be sent back to you, but if Zeek had already sent it to a foreign bank I’m guessing that it might be in process so I would suggest you take this action as soon as possible.

  9. That we did was honest work and responsible. Totally blessed by God because it gave us propriciar condition improves life for some families with only 10.00 U.S. dollars and our work. That’s what you call justice? This is an injustice because many families for their survival depended on this work.

  10. I checked with my bank today to see if they could put a stop on my cashier’s check (it had not cleared as of today) and they informed that since SEC has all funds frozen they could not do anything at this point but did give me the website that they have been informed to give out – zeekrewardsreceivership.com

  11. Good morning, my name is Carlos Magno Vieira Filho’m from Brazil, I became affiliate ZeekRewards on 30-Jul-12 and realized almost $ 2,000 USD in just 15 days. I made no looting or receive any commission on this as my short walk in ZeekRewards, I want information on how I will be refunded my deposit made??, and not getting any profit. I appreciate the attention and await information.

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