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Thompson Burton, PLLC is collecting data to develop an action plan in order to maximize the potential recovery for victims of Zeek Rewards.

An action plan, which may include engagement of this law firm, will be provided to you personally via email within days of receiving your responses.

This plan will likely be distributed no later than Friday, August 24th.

Please note, completing this form does not create an attorney client relationship; however, the contents will be held in strict confidence.

About Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is one of the most sought after attorneys in the country in the direct sales industry. Named as one of the top 25 most influential people in the industry, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience and helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. As a Direct Sales Association supplier member, Kevin Thompson is actively involved on the Ethics Committee and Government Relations Board to help steer the industry into a promising future.

Kevin has published multiple ebooks accruing over 65,000 reads and 2,500 downloads. He has served as a keynote speaker at multiple conferences throughout the world.

Prior to starting his law practice, Kevin gained valuable experience while serving as Chief Counsel for Signature Management Team. Team is one of the largest providers of sales aids for marketers in the direct sales industry. While at Team, Kevin worked closely with Amway and MonaVie’s compliance departments to ensure all marketing materials passed regulatory review. He has the experience, knowledge, connections and tools necessary to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses on solid legal footing.

Kevin Thompson is a proud husband and father of three children. He serves on the Young Executive Leadership Team for Youth Villages in Nashville, Tennessee, and helps devise and execute programs to raise funds for the organization and create transitional living programs for abandoned and neglected teens. He garnered all-American honors while competing in the decathlon at the University of Tennessee.


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Comments (12)

  1. I have money going to nxpay and if I get that I would be happy.
    Sorry for the problems. Every time people are helping people the Government gets in and screws us all.
    Good Luck Mr Burke.

    Hector Aponte

  2. Mr. Kevin Thompson,
    On 12/20/2011 I joined the Russian team Zeekrewards and began to place ads on sites of USA business for commodity exchange.Straight known deposits and paid account silver company, hoping my work is currently payment.Today my account has about 550 VIP points.Help my , please.

    With respect : Dimitar Antonov

  3. I like many others invested in Zeek Rewards. I researched the company for a couple months before joining, I didn’t see any RED flags stating this may be a scam…. ( many people i personally knew were receiving actual weekly and monthly payments from zeekler ).
    I paid hundreds of dollars in monthly diamond membership fees, posted two or three adds a day and kept informed on all business related matters. This shut down hit hard without warning!! Now, like many many others i’m left here with my great loss and wondering if i will recieve my initial investment?????????? My membership fees or time lost???????????????????

    I’m deeply concerned about this and would greatly apprecieate a response.

    Thank You

  4. I am really curious about all the money that was raised by ZEEK and collected from all of us members and where it’s going to end up?
    Is it just going to get lost in the shuffle with all this litigation that’s going on? Are we all accounted for or are we all just going to sit around for years to wonder if we are getting anything back from this mishap or wait around long enough to forget?
    I say we let Donald Trump take this remaining money and invest for all of us and make more money with this money.
    Hey Not a bad idea huh?

  5. Hi Kevin! I’m an affiliate of Zeek Rewards. Now I want to ask you a
    question “How much were you paid to help Bidify destroy Zeek Rewards?”
    I’ve been working in Zeek Rewards for more than a year. I know it’s a
    good company. I don’t believe it’s a pyramid or a ponzi sheme. People
    like you have stolen our business. But Bidify will get into the same
    situation soon. Zeek was the best online auction and people won’t
    believe Bidify. It’s just a bad copy of Zeek Rewards.

  6. Hi Kevin,
    I personally know people who have put $10,00 or more into zeek. These same people have gotten very good weekly checks. These people have recently signed up with Bidify. My question is: Will these people have to pay that money back even though they didn’t know that zeek was a scam? How will that work?
    Thank you,
    Allyn Conroy

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