500+ Attendees At The 3 Annual Iridoid Symposium

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The third annual International Iridoid Research Symposium saw its highest numbers yet for attendance this year as scientists from around the world gathered to present their current research on iridoids in both plants and animals. The Symposium, held at Morinda Bioactives (formerly Tahitian Noni International) on Tuesday, August 21st, was attended by over 500 people–including scientists, academics, and organizations from all over the world–in the auditorium itself, and via live webinar broadcast.

The third annual International Iridoid Research Symposium took place earlier today in the Morinda Bioactives auditorium in Provo, Utah. The day featured over a dozen research scientists from six countries, and each presented their most recent groundbreaking research about iridoids and their effects in the human body.

The concensus? Iridoids are pretty great.

Chemists, toxologists, microbiologists and food scientists numbered among the day's featured guests. Each presented a fascinating study about the incredible effects of iridoids in nature–from anti-bacterial properties, to liver protection, to anti-inflammation and much more.

The more I learn about iridoids, the more certain I am they will change health for the better, said Dr. Shixin Deng. Deng spoke in detail about the LC-MS and its analysis of iridoids in consumer products.

Dr. Bingjiu Xu of China was a particuarly popular preseter. His fascinating study centered on the advances in research on natural compounds containing iridoids. His studies showed iridoids have a medicinal effect as an anti-inflammatory, a nerval system protectorate, and an anti-tumor agent.

Other presenters, such as Dr. Biswanath Dinda, of Inda; Dr. Simla Basar, of Germany; and Dr. Il Moo Chang, of Korea, were also given time to discuss their iridoid research.

Dr. Basar focused on the anti-bacterial properties of iridoids. She told the audience that iridoid concentrations greater than .3 milligrams greatly inhibit bad bacterial growth. Dr. Johannes Westendorf, a colleague of Dr. Basar's, presented his findings that the benefits of noni are, at least partially, caused by iridoids.

DAA (the main iridoid in noni) is shown to have pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties in mice, said Dr. Westendorf.

Morinda's in-house research scientsts were also on hand to offer their own research findings. Morinda benefits researchers Brett West, Afa Palu and Jarakae Jensen all presented to the scientific audience.

John Wadsworth, president of Morinda, and Jake Smith of the marketing department also presented.

We know a lot about iridoids, but there is so much more to learn. Wadsworth said. That's why we are looking forward to your presentations today. We are the only company in the world who can deliver iridoids in measurable amounts.

Wadsworth added: You are a part of something great. The world needs this, and we're doing our part to deliver it to the world.

Iridoids - Morinda

Among the many benefits discussed at the third annual IIRS were:

  • The circulatory benefits of iridoids
  • Improved brain function, specifically as it pertains to memory
  • Improved synapse function
  • Advanced glycation end product inhibition by iridoids
  • Using iridoids to avoid excessive angiogenesis
  • Protecting your liver with iridoids
  • Iridoids as a nerve protector
  • Iridoids as anti tumor and anti cancer
  • Decreased recovery time with iridoids

The symposium is presented by the International Society of Iridoid Research. This organization is dedicated to the sharing of information and research being conducted on iridoids, and is the only organization in the world of its kind.

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  1. Al presenciar el simposio internacional de investigación de los iridoides, sentí una gran alegría y cada día doy gracias a DIOS y a los Fundadores de MORINDA BIOACTIVES por este descubrimiento que hoy me permite continuar VIVA al lado de mis hijos y de aquellos que deciden escucar, escudriñar, Gracias John W.

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