Just Been Paid and Profit Clicking Melt Down?

ProfitClicking Melt down


Looking to the Profit Clicking facebook comments it seems this second largest Ponzi scheme in 2012 is melting fast. Alexa traffic rank 1,321 world wide, 141,696 daily visitors….. Members are complaining in huge numbers on the Profit Clicking Fan Page.

According to Profit Clicking:

Our goal is to help you build your business through increased traffic while providing a virtually unlimited income source. Our Organization takes pride in helping anyone earn a satisfying income through our focus on streamlined profitability and accessibility. No matter where you live, or your level of education or income, we have the tools and the longevity to boost you into the future.

Some today's comments from Profit Clicking's own investors:

Lee Farrell: I am unable to even view ads packs let alone act now. what's wrong with the beta for Australian users?

Kiprotich Mathew Ngeno:  I long to see earnings for those who migrated from jbp,why dont these guys make it quick.

Marie Karba: PC, please pay us our normal daily earning and open the withdraw function. Give the people the choice to withdraw or reinvest. Don't trigger your own red alarm, which will lead to evacuation process.

Ogbuzuru Philip: I wonder why our positions have been running since August 21 and still we dnt get paid of our daily %. It is purely cheating @PC. Almost 1 whole month,it is unfair

Jonathan Peralta: Why we need to surf three add before 5PM, if we will not do that, no earnings, TOS always changes.

Profit Clicking Alexa Rankings

Uzoka Endurance: My balance has being the same since the migration started, won't it ever go past what is curently there? Its being 25days now and nothing is happening…time is money!

Jordi Pla Montoro: i have surfed 5 ads every day for a week and i'm not getting the comissions to my account.!

Comrad Shuvro: Where is my daily income.

Tinh Linh: u can log in to profit clicking daily conference … because these thieves have locked the room.

Paulo Hideo: $0.20 and $0.10?? not 2% and 1.5%

Yagooft Around the World:  Yes I agree something is wrong for the Australia users Im here in Perth Australia.

Sharon Kramer: no daily earnings no withdrawals….keeping us quiet in the chat room or you will be banned…not all mods are in the room….something is up????

George Philmore: I clicked on ads before 05:00, but I still did not get the daily income.

Khurram Shahzad: Friends dont buy PC ad pkgs… Untill they open withdraw button and u get ur old jbp earnings. Our jbp days are dropping without a single dime man :-/

Mukhtar Bhat: i didnt recieved any earnings as i viewed adds

Chandra Adi: Z THERE ARE 2 IMPORTANT QUESTION HERE : 1. WHERE IS DAILY PROFIT FOR JBP MEMBER ? (dont answer with in the next few days we need clearly answer !!!! ) 2. OPEN WITHDRAWAL (let us make our choice to reinvest or not !!! )

AR Atik: We are fool.we are wasting our time with cheater pc

Zili Teo: just noticed that WEEKEND earning has been cut from 1.5% to 1%, look at dashboard!! PF keep reducing earning of their members

Frank Chiluyi:  Hey please place the ad packages bought, it just following u pple 47 are many not to reflect

Ryan Hebert:  I just bought 2 with my earnings and they have not placed yet either, sure they are doing maintenance right now as i cant access a a few things right now.

Mikkel Christensen: How can I contact support! Its not fair that i paid 40$ for shares that only pays for 57 days….


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