Silly MLM and Network Marketing Business quotes

Silly MLM quotes


 Want to de-motivate your team? Want to blow up duplication?

The fastest way to ruin your business and credibility is to use below statements…..

Thanks to my Facebook friends to collect the silly ones!




  • We are the next $ billion Direct Selling company!
  • No recruiting, no selling, no bugging family and friends, no meetings, no work, no products, no lotions or potions, pills or concoctions!
  • Our product has an ORAC score of 500,000!
  • I will build it for you!
  • I pay your way in!
  • You don't have to sponsor anyone!
  • This business is about to EXPLODE!
  • Just put your money in or you miss the wave!
  • You do not have to sell!
  • You do not have to attend meetings!
  • We are 100% debt free!
  • We are going to be bigger than Amway in 5 years from now!
  • This opportunity is a game changer!
  • This opportunity is a Paradigm shift!
  • The product sells itself!
  • You do not have to do anything!

Winston Churchill - Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.

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