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VidaCup Pre-Launch


Vidacup was founded by an innovative team of professionals dedicated to changing lives around the world through exceptional functional beverages infused with highly effective nutritional products while providing a rewarding opportunity for those who want to
share them.

“Vidacup is the perfect combination of everything I ever wanted to find in a company as an independent distributor,” says Chief Marketing Officer Donna Valdes. “The founding team of Vidacup has over 90 years of combined direct sales experience, both in the field and on the corporate side. We also bring expertise in many other areas of business and believe this gives us a unique perspective when it comes to developing Vidacup and appealing to prospective Brand Promoters.”

Vidacup is focusing on the coffee niche because of its large market potential and the social nature of the product. Given the social business model Vidacup plans to implement, it's a natural fit! Over 400 million cups of coffee are served every day in the USA, and it is part of a $125 billion annual market globally. Combining coffee with nutritional and herbal blends shows promise as an emerging trend.

Vidacup was recently awarded the exclusive distribution rights to what many believe is the most potent immune modulator on the planet; a new enzyme isolating extraction of the H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom. Clinical studies of this powerful mushroom have shown exciting and broad-reaching health benefits. Now, with this powerful new extract, health benefits promise to be even greater for the consumer.

Valdes is excited. “The H1X1 Super Concentrate is a big deal. This incredible mushroom extract delivers many times more health-enhancing beta glucans of any other mushroom on the market.” Every Vidacup product will be infused with this super concentrate. In addition, Vidacup will be setting a new standard with their technology- based compensation plan.

Today Vidacup introduces a free sign up period during which anyone may join Vidacup and have access to a brand new marketing system platform that encompasses social media promotion. The word vida means life in several languages and the team at Vidacup specifically chose that word as part of their name, because life is the most precious thing each of us is given.

 “Here at Vidacup, we want to do our part to help you make the most of it.”

About Vidacup International –

Vidacup International is a network marketing company located in Mooresville, NC. For more information, for general public: Donna Valdes, CMO, [email protected]

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