Zteambiz Ripping Off Former Zeek Affiliates?

ZteamBiz Scam


Zteambiz, a website run by former Zeek Affiliate Robert Craddock and his right hand man David Kettner are most likely ripping off ex-Zeek Affiliates by spreading false rumors with the only purpose to collect money for their Zeek Defense Team and personal objectives.

They have send out rather bizarre emails causing a rollercoaster of emotions all over the world.

An email this website received a couple of days ago but did not publish, stated:

The SEC acknowledged that there are a couple of problems with the case against Zeek Rewards and Rex Venture group. Here are the problems: (A LIE!)

  1. We (the SEC) are not able to find a victim in this case. We are not able to find anybody at this time that has been harmed by Zeek Rewards. (A LIE!)
  2. We (the SEC) are having a hard time finding a security. In the complaint, it said that Zeek was selling securities and was an investment scheme. (A LIE!)

In a conversation with a top SEC official [/private_platinum] involved in the litigation, Ponzitracker run by Jordan Maglich, an attorney at Wiand Guerra King, P.L. in Tampa, Florida, was able to confirm that the statements being circulated were false.

Kenneth Bell, the official Zeekreceiver made this statement: : False information is being circulated by these claimants.

Spreading this kind of false information has only one objective, ripping off people….. I would not send a penny to those guys… Ask Zteambiz for a refund …. unless you want to fill their pockets…

Kevin Thompson, the MLM attorney:

Recently, I'm seeing a shift in the rhetoric from the anti-SEC crowd. They're talking less and less about suing the SEC and instead, they're now talking about collecting money to fight against Clawback Litigation. Clawback Litigation is only going to affect a tiny portion of the Zeek community. If this is the case, did the donors understand this narrow focus before contributing their money?

If those donors actually lost money in Zeek, they just funded a conflicting effort that was at odds with their own circumstance. There's a serious conflict between the winners (the people that earned more than their investment) and the losers. I'm also seeing some language that's very negative towards the receiver, Ken Bell. Keep in mind, the receiver is charged with ensuring the pot of money is as big as possible.

He will pursue clawback litigation to fatten the pot as much as possible to make the community as whole as possible. The receiver is not the bad guy. He was APPOINTED. He did not get elected, he did not win a popularity contest and he did not volunteer. It's his job to protect the money and get it in peoples' hands as fast as possible. Until he demonstrates otherwise, we should assume that he's an intelligent person that's trying to do what's right

Update: 14 September 2012 Robert Craddock has send a request to my provider, in an attempt to block my Freedom of Speech.

September 14, 2012 Regarding:  BusinessforHome.org

There is potential situation that I’m asking for your assistance on. My name is Robert Craddock I’m the owner of Zteambiz.com and .net, and I’m in the middle of assisting a large group of individuals around the world retain legal counsel  for potential crawl back action by the Securities and Exchange Commission here in the United States.

As we move forward there are several groups that want to capitalize and attract traffic to their site for financial gain. To accomplish this they are engaged in cyber harassment on the web directed at me. Here in the state of Florida this type of activity is a crime, as I’m sure it is in other locations around the globe.

I’m sure you have procedures against this type of action and follow a code of conduct by ICAN and Arin. As we plan on taking additional action against this group and others for their conduct, I would request the following:

One: park the domain BusinessforHome.org

Two: investigate the owner of the domain to see if the Whois is correct as I believe the whois  information is incorrect and the owner of the domain is a US citizen. We intend to file an action against this person in the state of Florida as this is where I reside.
The following is an image of how this individual is trying to portray me. (Image above: – TN)
Robert Craddock
1704 Baron Court
Port Orange, FL 32128
 386-405-0855  Cell
[email protected]


My answer: 

Business For Home.org is a foundation under Dutch law, Ted Nuyten is the founder and chairman. If you want to sue me in The Netherlands, I will defend my legal rights and freedom of speech.

My contact details are all over this website. In case you can not find it:  Ted Nuyten, Linge 88, 2105 WG, The Netherlands.


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