David Moses – Zija Int. Hits $3 Million In 36 Months

David Moses Zija International Top Earner


David Moses is the top earner in Zija International and has reached Crowne Diamond Elite, the top position.

David shared some of his thoughts, philosophies, principles, beliefs, and habits that have been foundational in his success in an interview:

Q.  How does it feel to be Zija’s first Crowne Diamond Elite?

A.   Well obviously it feels great. My whole family is thrilled with our success. The fact of the matter is that we are far more excited and fulfilled with the success of our teammates, because their success is really the underlying reasons for ours.

Q.   Your upcoming bonus check will be close to $600,000 for a single pay Period; how does it feel to have one of the largest checks ever seen in the network marketing industry?

A.   I would be lying if I didn’t say great, but I hope that more than anything this will be an inspiration for others who are rising fast in Zija. It also feels great know that I will be able to contribute a great deal to charities this year.

Q.   How would you describe success? Or, if you wish, what are the high points for you and your family as it relates to success?

A.   Success comes in many forms and is different for each of us. My view of success has evolved over the years. Today, I personally get the most fulfillment and satisfaction from assisting others, whether it be contributing to my faith, my community, my family, or assisting my fellow Zija partners in their success. Becoming debt free was important, some toys (fast cars) and other material things “seemed” important, our new Zija home paid in full is certainly a blessing, time freedom is important, the best education for the kids is definitely a priority, and maintaining good health is primary.

Q.   What are your thoughts and philosophies related to success, in terms of managing the responsibility and setting the example?

A.   That’s a great question. Humility is paramount as success increases. It’s easy for the ego to take over or become enlarged. I do my best to do a “check up from the neck up”, as Zig Ziglar used to say, in order to keep the ego in check. The day that a person forgets where success came from and thinks they are the sole reason is the beginning of the end. Humility is extremely important in leadership, as in all aspects of life.

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Q.   What would you describe as the fundamentals to building a successful Zija business?

A.   I believe that every relationship should be win/win or no deal. I believe that a person who wishes to succeed must be willing to do more than they are paid for at times. I believe that we should always endeavor to put the interests of our team members in the forefront. I believe that the Zija company should always be protected, because it is the golden goose. I believe that we should always teach and empower people to succeed rather than disempowering them by handing them success. I believe that we should constantly work on improving ourselves via personal development. I believe that we should give back a certain portion of our success in the form of charity to assist the less fortunate, as this is a commandment from God.

Q.  Where do the Zija products fit into the big picture for you?

A.  The answer is simple: Zija’s products are everything, because without them there is no business or success. The Zija products are the foundation of everything we do, and they are what make our business real. It’s a beautiful thing to have world-class products, world-class management, world-class infrastructure, and a world-class business system to create wealth. These products are the best that I have ever marketed in 23 years.

Q.   What are your thoughts and philosophies on leadership, and how important is leadership in our business?

A.   Quite simply we need more leaders. We should all be striving to guide and empower people to lead, even in small ways. A company’s greatness or that of an individual Distributor’s business will be measured by its leadership. Growth and success is predicated on leadership. As a leader, I am always working on myself so that I can refine aspects of my character to become a better leader as time passes. Leading from behind and empowering others is key. Somebody once said, “delegate or stagnate.” Another person said  “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?” Another one of my favorites is “Leadership is action, not position.” I believe the leader must always be willing to do more than he or she requires of their followers.

Q.   Name three key basic business-building activities that one must engage in consistently each day for success.

A.   1. Always be prospecting, adding new people to the exposure process every day. 2. Always be in follow-up mode with people in process; use the system and 3-way calls for this. 3. Always be guiding and coaching others to do the same.

Q.   Name three important personal growth areas that are important to work on and refine.

A.    1. We should work on our interpersonal skills in leadership, communication, team building, and recognition of others. 2. We should always be open for feedback and constructive mentoring. I like to ask people on occasion the question “how do I occur to you?” Sometimes the answer is not what I would like to hear, but it certainly opens my eyes to possible blind spots that block my growth. 3. We should always be open to learning, for “when we are green, we grow; when we are ripe, we rot”. I like to dwell in the domain of “I don’t know that I don’t know”. It’s been said that a smart person learns from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from others people’s success. I prefer to learn from success, and we all know that success does leave clues.

Q.   We are thrilled as a company to have a person of your caliber and experience as one of our top business leaders. From your experience, where is Zija positioned in the network marketing industry?

A.   Well 23 years in this industry has its benefits. One gets to see most everything, especially given that I have had the benefit of nine years on the corporate side and 14 years in the field as a Distributor. At this moment in time, Zija has the perfect combination of timing, products, management, compensation, and business system in the industry. There are many great companies, but only one or two at any given time are perfectly positioned for mega growth with all the fundamentals in place; Zija is that company today.

Q.   Any last words, thoughts, or wisdom you would like to share with the field?

A.   I think I would like to share a few quotes that define success, and provide food for thought.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”

“The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.”

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

It is my personal belief that every person has the God-given gifts required to succeed. We are born to succeed but programmed to fail. When we change our programming and thoughts, we change our actions. When we change our actions, we change our habits. When we change our habits, we change our character. When we change our character, we change our destiny. Everybody can, but not everybody will. I challenge all Zija Distributors to reach higher and further than they ever dreamed possible.

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