Eric Bechtold – Lightyear Wireless 2012 Number One Money Earner

Eric Bechtold - Lightyear Wireless


Lightyear Wireless has just announced Eric Bechtold as the #1 income earner for 2012. Eric joined Lightyear Wireless on July 26th 2010 and became a Presidential Director, the highest level in the company in a record setting 8 months time.

He achieved this feat by attracting thousands of distributors and becoming the fastest growing team in the history of the company via a proprietary automated marketing system.

Bechtold is currently ranked among the top .5% of income earners in all of Network Marketing.

When asked about this latest accomplishment Mr. Bechtold simply replied, “My success is a direct result of a dedicated team, an automated system and a wireless product people can’t live without.” Lightyear Wireless launched their wireless opportunity in July of 2008.

According to Mr. Bechtold, the initial launch was typical of most MLM start-ups. “They struggled for awhile putting all the pieces in place but have matured into one of the most powerful residual revenue opportunities available today.” Lightyear Wireless offers no-contract wireless, contract wireless, wireless Internet, MiFi, and tablets. Mr. Bechtold stated that, “becoming part of Lightyear was a simple decision when you consider we empower people to get their service for free while also affording them the ability to earn money spreading the word about our services.”

It’s clear that Eric Bechtold is excited about Lightyear. When asked how he was able to so quickly become the number one income earner in the company.

Bechtold stated, “It’s a product of a lot of people on our team becoming successful. You see, in a tough economy people need to save money and make money and we’re helping them do both! We’re also making it simple for distributors to spread the word by providing each of our members an automated marketing system which does the selling and telling for them. With this amazing program and our marketing system, our distributors are more like tour guides than sales people.”

One of unique concepts Lightyear Wireless has pioneered is allowing their distributors the ability to simply refer 3 customers to the service to qualify for free wireless service themselves. A customer can also qualify for free service by referring 5 wireless customers back to their representative. This “You + 3 = FREE” program has created quite a buzz in the MLM industry and this combined with Light-year’s amazing compensation plan has attracted some serious players like Bechtold to the program.

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