Lawrence Tam – Empower Network Hits $100,000+ Per Month

Lawrence Tam Empower Network Top Earner


Lawrence Tam, from Sugar land, Texas, USA has crossed over the  $100,000 per month thresh-hold with his Empower Network distributorship.

Lawrence Tam is retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33 to be a full time father, husband, and network/internet marketer. Lawrence loves movies, spend less time with videogames, and try to spend the majority of his time enjoying family life.

According to the latest Empower Network review, the system provides all the training that members need in order to generate a recurring income on a monthly basis. One of the network’s top earners said, “If you can write and post to a blog, you can make money with the system.

The Empower Network is becoming so popular that Alexa now ranks it as the 420th largest website in the world. In contrast, Alexa ranks Facebook as 2nd largest site in the world. Alexa ranks the billions of websites on the Internet using certain criteria one of which is the amount of traffic a website receives.

The Empower Network is ranked so high because it receives millions of visitors every month, and the network’s member blogs consistently show up in the search engine results pages, which is what drives so much traffic to the network.

Lawrence Tam Family

Lawrence Tam Family

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  1. Well, we in Empower network are not really amazed at your success Lawrence. And of course, you just hit $100,000 a month!!! NOT a year!!!!

    The really funny thing is I can post this message via Ted Nuyten’s great broadsheet despite Facebook blocking ALL Empower network blogs! AND Lawrence and so many others are succeeding with Empower IN SPITE OF FB Block!

    Congratulations Lawrence! You inspire us all!

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