Shopping Sherlock Revenue Up 50%

Shopping Sherlock Revenue Up 50%


Shopping Sherlock announced that the 3 month growth in Alexa page views of 170% is the highest growth rate in the Direct Sales space as reported by Ted Nuyten’s leading MLM blog

The rise in web traffic correlates with the increase in new distributors and Company revenues. New distributorships are up over 300% in that period and overall revenues are up over 50%

Michael Wiedder, CEO of Shopping Sherlock stated that the growth is a direct correlation to the launch of new products and tools. “We released our Daily Deals platform in 12 countries and just recently launched Taiwan as well. With our platform you have access to the top Daily Deal Company’s worldwide and our distributors make affiliate income as people buy and use the same Daily Deals that they are currently buying.

In addition to seeing and buying the Daily Deals from our site, as people are searching for products and services on Google, Yahoo or Bing, our technology lets them know if there is a Daily Deal, or a coupon available for what they are searching for, right from the search engines.  As our distributor’s share the Daily Deals or coupons via facebook or other social media , it tracks the sales right back to the distributor’s account, and they make money.”  

Wiedder also shared that they are launching their new mobile application on November 1st. The mobile app will allow people to find Daily Deals and Coupons, wherever they are worldwide. It uses your smart phones geo-location feature to show you the Daily Deals and coupons that are available where you are and pays  for using those deals and sharing the app with other’s.

In addition, Shopping Sherlock is launching a Social Media platform for their reps this week. Wiedder stated, “ The Social Media platform will give Shopping Sherlock reps, their own blogs that will integrate with all their social media accounts. This combined with the marketing system the distributors receive, gives them turnkey tools to help share and build their businesses.”

Wiedder’s goal is for Shopping Sherlock to be the place to go to find the best deals on products and services both on the Internet and on mobile devices. He believes that as people continue to give the product away for free and benefit as people save money,  the Company will continue to duplicate the growth they have achieved in the last 90 days in customers, revenues  and new distributors.

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  1. WOW – What great growth and momentum is happening right now with this outstanding company – The product simply works, I purchased a daily deal via the app, a 3 course meal with champagne cocktails for 2 people in a top Cheshire restaurant -my price paid was £28 value shown on my bill when I went on Saturday evening was £94 – wow which price would you rather pay £28 or £94 – no brainer ” the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and mine certainly tasted nice. – Another great deal i,ve had from the sherlock – keep up the great work guys.

  2. With this free app. we can help everybody! Just think $50.00 savings,you could buy more food,pay another bill.$100.00 savings,you could pay off debt and have finanial freedom.Make or save $200-$500.00 it could change your address and even change your life!
    Thanks , God bless.

  3. After 20 years in the direct sales/network marketing industry I can see this opportunity with a real perspective as it is really unique in having a free product to give away that helps others save time and money in tough times whilst we make an income. It is a real WIN/WIN situation for everybody.From a business building angle it is such a simple and duplicatable concept, particularly with no product to sell and no stock-holding or deliveries to worry about. It gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the internet revolution whatever their background. We just ask people to try the Sherlock themselves at no risk to enjoy the benefits for free.

  4. How can you beat a program like this? You can’t!!! What better way to secure your future than by representing a company that gives you the tools to make income while showing others how to save money on goods and services they will buy anyway.

    A true win-win for everyone!

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