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Jeremy Gilchrist ViSalus Top Earner


By 2007, Jeremy Gilchrist had drifted from Los Angeles to dozens of other cities, hopping from one city to another… finally settling down in Denver, CO. While looking for work, he came across an online ad, Looking for young Entrepreneur's.  Excited!
He dressed up for the interview, later finding out it was network marketing. This is where his story begins…
Without a dime in his pocket, or a bank account to his name, Jeremy found himself in a new city with only one friend.  At this point, determination was his only drive…it can't get any worse than this.  That’s when he jumped into network marketing.  After some ups and downs, he took some time getting to know Denver.  He soon finds himself in a coffee shop meeting a young man that would change his life forever.  This dynamic young man was Blake Mallen.
Blake was a normal guy like me, but with bigger dreams.  I remember he didn't try to sell himself, instead, he wanted to know more about me. His words made me feel like he actually cared. Blake helped me realize I was important, and I can make a difference in this world!  
Jeremy told him he had never received a paycheck from network marketing before, but, there was something about Blake's vision that excited him.  Jeremy fully committed to ViSalus and jumped in without hesitation. Weeks later, Jeremy qualified for a brand new BMW, and on top of that – he made a couple thousand dollars! 
A couple thousand dollars may not seem much today, but it was a big accomplishment for me.  Wow!  I'm actually getting paid!
Then, the recession hit and the economy came crashing.
I look back on the month I began to step away from Visalus and realized my ego was a bit inflated.  I wasn’t aware that the two most important qualities to be successful in network marketing are patience and persistence.  I was humbled. 
Like any entrepreneur that's made some money, he was a big shot, and started his own business with some of his friends from Visalus.  Months went by focusing on his new opportunity, he slowly neglected what was making him money…ViSalus. 
I got caught up in making my dreams happen faster, and the idea of making a lot of money went to my head. It’s almost as if I started my own biz back then because I wanted something to call my own. Little did I know, a network marketing biz is your own. I stopped working on myself, and handed off my responsibilities to my family and friends. 
As time flew by, he started to lose everything he earned.  By 2008 Jeremy found himself penny-less and living in an empty condo with a friend. Everything had been sold to earn a little money, his car was gone, and they were just days away from eviction. Sure enough that day came, all of Jeremy's possessions were some clothes, a dream board, and a computer. Weeks went by, he finally found himself with enough money from mowing lawns and selling his last belongings.  He sucked it up, flew home and moved into his parent’s basement. 
I failed miserably. That was at the lowest point in my life.
Jeremy's ego was shot but he's not a quitter.  Determined and focused, he decided to create new opportunities from selling t-shirts to doing manual labor.  He would soon find out that working on a farm was the hardest work he's ever done.
Want to talk about patience and persistence? Try being told you're going to take apart screw by screw, 1000's of them…dismantling big corn silo's. You know those massive, metal, cylinder like things off the side of the highway that are about 50ft tall? I later find out, the day after it was completed, that we're just moving it a few miles away…and then reassembling it!  Life was tough – and I felt it's testing of me!
That was one of Jeremy's major turning points, true, intensive manual-labor.  Re-evaluating his life, he picks up the phone and called Nick Sarnicola. Jeremy was ready to start ViSalus again.  He sold an x-box and some movies to have enough funds to buy products.  At this point The Challenge was brand spanking new!  
I came back to ViSalus with a vengeance!  Along the way I got lost, this time – I was going to do it right!   
In 2009 Jeremy and his leaders put Ohio on the map!  Making it one of the fastest growing states in the entire company, at one point it was #1 in Visalus land.
I'm 100% confident that my team worked unbelievably well together, because we worked as one cohesive unit. The crazy thing is, none of us had any prior networking marketing experience. We all jumped in with our hearts, we supported and helped each other grow. No one was better than the other person. We treated each other as equals, and this philosophy still exists today.
Except for one thing, we are no longer individuals lacking networking experience…we are now professionals. We have no ego, we know what the average person needs, and we know how to make that person successful in this business. That's something that only the humble understand. On the other hand, you can bet the farm that my leaders and I can show anyone (with focus and determination) how to hit a six-figure income in the shortest amount of time. 
It may sound corny, but, we fight to make sure everyone is still standing in the end…together as one. 
Just a few days ago, on November 16, 2012 Jeremy Gilchrist crossed $1 million in personal earnings. That's a huge accomplishment in MLM and network marketing.
Myself crossing the $1M mark is simply a milestone for our team. You see, I believe the industry has changed because of Visalus. I also believe those that make up the industry, the people, are changing also. Its a new world where rookies to network marketing can come into this industry and make a true living now, and what you need is a bunch of leaders those people can relate to. We have that. This is a world where over 90% of people have never been in network marketing. That’s a big number myself and leaders can guide and mentor while sharing a common ground.
I close with, on a daily basis, combine patience with persistence, it seems as if they offset each other – but trust me…they don't. Figure that one out and you're golden, not just in riches but in wisdom of life.

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