Ken Porter – MonaVie Hits $30 Million In Career Earnings

Ken Porter MonaVie


Ken Porter – MonaVie Crown Black Diamond will hit the $30 million mark in career earnings as of November 2012. An interview with Ken and Carol Porter is here.

Ken commented as follows:

I'm so very grateful for this MLM industry. It's a beautiful industry and I'm proud of it. I love the worldwide friends I've made and the enlargement of my soul that's in part, due to the business.
It's a dream life, not to be envied, but emulated. We should all be shouting our message from the rooftops. MLM is the dream come true lifestyle business.
Government programs are not the answer, we are. After more than 20 years of networking, I've learned a few things. Here are a few of them:
  • Don't leave your company…unless they leave you first. Quitting your company is the #1 mistake in MLM.
  • Don't stress, just become habitual at good habits. Through practice you must become better. The rest takes care of itself.
  • The externals matter much less than your internals. Your success is determined by the way YOU think and act.
  • Be willing to fail while you learn to succeed. It's the only way forward.
  • Teach your team, but mostly just by example. They don't need a manager, they need a mentor.
I spend less than $100 per year on business building tools. Mostly just yellow pads and pens. I spend a ton of time and money on self improvement and knowledge. It's not your comp plan, it's your message and with whom and how often you share it that matters.
Have enough faith to see past your current circumstances. Don't allow yourself to be a victim. Plan your future or you will be punished by what transpires. A life by chance won't give you what you want. It's in your control. MLM is the best path for most opportunity seekers. You've got to want it though.
  • The MLM drifters will not make it in any company.
  • Negative people seldom become positive. Don't waste time on them.
  • Attitude is more important than training. The right attitude gets you across the finish line.
  • Its not the most talented that succeed, but the most persistent. You must finish what you started. All quitters lose!
Change the way you see the world and the world will bless you. We've got a gift. Let's go share it!
Ken and Carol Porter - MonaVie


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Comments (3)

  1. Ken has done fantastically well and Mona Vie is a terrific company. YET… how do they explain their massive failure rate? 99% of people don’t make any money. Thus the $500mil collapse with much negative press after the incredible $billion boom.

    They have done a great job of consolidating and relaunching. YET you have to wonder if it will happen again because the message has not changed.

    When will a top leader stand up and say ‘Well actually the best attitude in the world will not create success unless you master skills’?

    Look around the world… nowhere are skills trained properly. You have to wonder….

    1. Good point Sam yet don’t be tough on Mona Vie as it is a global issue.

      Every company has this ‘attrition’ problem because they use what I call the ‘Pioneer’ Method of building a network. It assumes that only a few people have ‘what it takes.’ Thus the focus is all recruiting and attitude training. We needed this approach to pioneer the industry yet it is out-of-date now.

      The new method of network building is focused on competence training on skills to build confidence. I call this 100% Method. It creates a totally new approach to Sponsoring – see

      The revolution has started baby!

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