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If you are running a wordpress based website like www.BusinessForHome.org sometimes need to the assistance of wordpress developers. Business For Home is using the expertise of  www.Van-Ons.nl

Founded by Bas van der Lans & Robert van Eekhout in 2006, they expanded the business to a dedicated team of WordPress Developers and Trainers.

Van Ons is an Amsterdam based Web Development and Training Agency. The Agency is specialized in the development of small and big WordPress websites and applications. 

Bas van der Lans, founder:

We believe that Technology is no rocket science anymore. That era ended years ago. We do no nonsense web development, to make sure that our clients are not limited by technology. For them, technology is an accelerator!.

Since almost one year Van Ons is the proud development partner of Business for Home. 

Ted is a very inspiring entrepreneur and networker. It's our mission to make sure that Ted is enabled by technology. Our main task is to make sure that Ted can focus on entrepreneurship. Without the hassle.

Van Ons helps small and big entrepreneurs to be more successful by using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management tool which is used by approximately 17% of every website worldwide.

There are two reason for this broadly support:

_ Development with WordPress results in a very short time to market (days in stead of weeks or months)

_ WordPress is very user friendly for you as entrepreneur. 

_ A lot of standard components are available (website, webshop, Facebook application, auction tools)

To make the Van Ons knowledge available for the mass, Bas van der Lans wrote the WordPress Handbook for Entrepreneurs (dutch). On the platform WordPress Leren (dutch for Learn WordPress) the WordPress developers from Van Ons help small entrepreneurs to get on track with there first website.

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