Rene Liaw – GWT Hits $1 Million In Career Earnings

Rene Liaw


Rene Liaw from Taipei, Taiwan has hit the $1 million mark in Global Wealth Trade Career Earnings.

In February 2005, at age 36, Ramin Mesgarlou founded Global Wealth Trade in his home office in Ottawa, Canada. The company since has become one of the world's most prestigious luxury designer fashion house competing in the same market such as Harry Winston, Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other bench marks alike.

Ramin's unique business plan was a quick success and within the first seven years the company served clients and Luxury Consultants in almost 60 countries in all continents.

When a few people buy in to your idea perhaps you got lucky, when a few hundred people buy in perhaps you have a sale but when you have thousands of people who see your vision and promote the cause than it is a success says Ramin.

Rene Liaw Global Wealth Trade

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  1. Congratulations Rene
    This monumental milestone is the greatest testament to how GWT opportunity transforms entrepreneurs with little to no prior experience in to modern day legends. This type of success and speed is usually reserved for the industry veterans who shift huge lines from company to company and not building one consultant at a time. Furthermore what makes your story elite amongst the super elite is that you achieved this super exclusive milestone with less than 6000 LCs where it would normally take 100,000 according to industry norm.
    Rene, we are proud of you and salute you.
    Lets build the billion

  2. Congrats to one of my mentors who helped me when I was getting started with GWT. Mr. compensation plan Rene Liaw, I would not be where I am today if not for your support. Meeting with my prospects, trainings, 3 way calls while raising a young family at the same time and having a job at the beginning of your GWT career. I am privileged to know you and not only call you a business partner but a friend. This is more than well deserved and as you always say, we are just getting started. See you in Panama!!!

  3. Congratulations Rene, so well deserved. You are an inspiration to so many LCs and I still can’t believe you are now married with 2 chilldren! It seems like yesterday. I commend you for being so committed and you know that it was you who tipped me over the edge to join GWT when you broke down the tax advantages available to people with a home based business, that did it for me! Thank you, and I wish you even more success in your journey.


  4. Thank you everyone for your kind and wonderful comments. There are truly two thanks that I need to give a shout for though. Firstly, is the amazing GWT Family that we have and for having the same vision as the CEO Ramin Mesgarlou and I have as well towards building the billion. We truly see and understand what makes GWT unlike any other company on this planet. Secondly, I must sincerely thank our very own CEO Ramin Mesgarlou for creating this incredible company the world has never seen before. When your CEO is ranked Top 3 Compensation Plan experts in the world, and when your CEO has the heart that Ramin does, you end up with the #1 Compensation Plan in the industry, and you end up with the most incredible products that Direct Selling and the Jewelry world has ever seen. And as Ramin mentioned, with only 12,000 Luxury Consultants today yet with so many huge incomes being made… can you imagine when the company grows to 50,000… to 100,000… to 500,000… to a million Luxury Consultants around the WORLD… can you imagine how many lives will be changed forever! We’re just getting started!!!!

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