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Rene Liaw

Rene Liaw – GWT Hits $1 Million In Career Earnings


Rene Liaw from Taipei, Taiwan has hit the $1 million mark in Global Wealth Trade Career Earnings.

In February 2005, at age 36, Ramin Mesgarlou founded Global Wealth Trade in his home office in Ottawa, Canada. The company since has become one of the world's most prestigious luxury designer fashion house competing in the same market such as Harry Winston, Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other bench marks alike.

Ramin's unique business plan was a quick success and within the first seven years the company served clients and Luxury Consultants in almost 60 countries in all continents.

"When a few people buy in to your idea perhaps you got lucky, when a few hundred people buy in perhaps you have a sale but when you have thousands of people who see your vision and promote the cause than it is a success" says Ramin.

Rene Liaw Global Wealth Trade

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