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Markus Ruediger Director & Co-Publisher of United Networker Magazine has interviewed Ted Nuyten for the printed November issue.

United Networker Magazine:

Ted Nuyten is founder and CEO of www.businessforhome.org. Established in 2008 and focusing on international direct selling, the website features news and facts and figures and highlights the success stories of top earners. It attracts between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors from more than 150 countries every month. The mailing list is distributed to over 27,500 MLM, network marketing and direct selling professionals.

Dutch man Ted Nuyten has a background as an entrepreneur, home-based business owner and internet marketing specialist and has previously spent ten years in key sales positions at international companies. He is married with two sons. Markus Ruediger of the United Networker Magazine had the honour to interview Ted.

Markus: Ted, you must have interviewed dozens of top earners for your website. What does it take to become a top earner?

Ted: There are six key factors: (1) you must develop effective social and communication skills, (2) invest in your personal development, (3) you must have a passion for your work (you will need to approach a great many people), (4) tremendous enthusiasm for the product/ service and the opportunity, (5) an amiable manner and (6) you need to be a team player.

Many top earners say that the money they have earned and their success are the result of their personal development and that of the team. Whether they were mothers returning to work or true-blooded sales professionals, all of them have experienced a process of development and been forced to set aside any ego they may have had.

Markus: How did you first come into contact with network marketing?

Ted: It started as a result of a cold call back in 1993. A woman I did not know found my name and telephone number in a sports magazine. At the time, I had a sports company and had advertised in the magazine. She asked me if I was interested in taking a look at a new business model. Although I was not expecting anything to come of it, I decided to go to the presentation. I was enthusiastic about the business model right from the start. Rather than being dependent on my own sales, I could build a team and earn commission. In less than a day, my wife and I became distributors for NSA, which was then a supplier of water and air filters, and is now known as Juice Plus+.

Markus: Were you successful?

Ted: I was quickly able to sign up around 20 people, resulting in a team of a few hundred distributors. You soon notice that the team process is about more than simply signing people up yourself. For me, it was easy: I knew lots of people and was extremely enthusiastic. I even flew to the USA to find out more about the company and MLM at a convention.

Some of the distributors in our team found the process of duplication difficult. As time passed, NSA changed course several times, something my group found difficult to handle and it gradually fell apart. I still had a conventional business, so I focused attention on that. That was until 2007, when my wife received an approach from an acquaintance about a new MLM health and wealth company.

Ted Nuyten CEO Business For Home.orgMarkus: Ted, how do you explain the success of www.businessforhome.org and where did the idea come from?

Ted: In 2008, I was helping my wife build up her home-based business. At the time, I was working in sales positions at companies like IBM and Dell. My colleagues at work asked me whether it really was possible to earn money in MLM or network marketing in view of the fact that there were very few top earners in the Netherlands.

I had a list of top earners within my wife‘s MLM opportunity and posted it on a small website to show my colleagues that the business model actually worked. In order to enable an effective comparison, I also posted the income of the top earners at a number of other companies.

Within just a few weeks, I was receiving traffic from across the world.

I had discovered a niche without actually looking for one. I then decided to expand the website professionally.

Markus: What does the BusinessForhome.org website have to offer an individual representative?

Ted: Knowledge is power. As a distributor, it is not only important to know your own opportunity inside-out, but also the network marketing industry as a whole. We remind our website visitors of the importance of always submitting an opportunity to a due diligence procedure. Within the network marketing world, there is a real need for independent information on who is earning what. BusinessForHome.org meets that need.

Many visitors to the website use our data to show prospects that a very good income is actually possible. It offers what people in marketing call third-party validation. Especially when you are recruiting a network marketing associate from the corporate sector, or indeed elsewhere, the facts and figures from BusinessForHome.org enable you to present a credible case.

Markus: How do you get top earners to share information about their income and how do you verify it?

Ted: It is a question of trust and confidence: the website has earned itself a good reputation. Many top earners send us confidential screenshots of their back office figures. We publish the top earner rankings as estimated figures and we are also based in the Netherlands, where the culture is not as litigious as in America. As internet reporters, we enjoy a high degree of press freedom, which we use sensibly.

Top earners increasingly realise that the outside world needs to be shown that money is being made in the MLM or network marketing industry.

Markus: Are there any companies that refuse to cooperate?

Ted: Of course, especially those where growth is stagnating or there is limited success… Companies that are growing fast tend to be much more open. If there are only limited facts and figures available about an opportunity, that is often a tell-tale sign.

Markus: How do you think direct selling companies could improve their communication?

Ted: I think that many businesses underestimate the value of press releases. I have noticed that very few direct selling companies issue regular press releases, even though there is always interesting news to tell. In my view, press releases provide maximum exposure at minimum cost.

Rank advancements, well-known distributors that have been recently signed up, product launches: all of these are interesting news that provides motivation for our own reps and for the outside world.

Markus: What kind of background do most top earners have?

Ted: Many top earners have learnt the trade at a different direct selling company from the one where they earn their money. Whatever your experience or background, it still takes time to learn the profession – and yes, it really is a profession. You need knowledge of the latest developments and, as in the rest of the business world, people also switch jobs in network marketing/MLM. But my advice would be to stay with one company for as long as possible, unless you are really finding it impossible to progress.

Markus: How do you make a website like BusinessForHome.org profitable and independent?

Ted: Our business model is based on three key principles: firstly, we have thousands of paying subscribers, which provides us with sufficient income so we need not be dependent on other businesses. Secondly, we have revenue from Google AdSense: with 300,000 to 500,000 visitors, that generates a stable income and we post paid interviews with top earners and corporate executives. We only accept interviews if they have a generic value for the network marketing industry.smiley

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