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David Wood CEO Empower Network


David Wood CEO Empower Network has some interesting thoughts about MLM criticisms:

David: the vast majority of criticisms to network marketing as a business model come from people who:

1. Are broke (broke is relative – most people who are adamant critics make less than $30,000 a year, which is an average north american income)

2. Joined a company, thinking that it is a lotto, and when they didn't easily make money, they quit, before they could learn the skills to build it properly.

3. Now, they assume the total reality of Network Marketing can be summed up by their short lived experience, where they didn't get the results that they want, because……what they were doing was stupid 🙂

So rather than adjusting their actions to produce the result that they want, they blame the industry, and lash out with stupid, nonsensical generalizations, that bear no basis in reality – statements like:

MLM is like building a leaking bucket (pure stupidity, and an over generalization based on lack of correct knowledge)

You have to get in at the top to make money (not realizing that the vast majority of people making money in all companies, didn't, and most people who do get in at the top quit)

Your chances for success are like playing a lotto (again, pure stupidity, making the assumption, and generalization, that any business but gambling is based on 'odds of success' as if life is played, like you roll dice. There are no 'odds' because it is not gambling)

If the product was so good, they would just sell it, why would they need the reps… (a flawed assumption that a company owner has a burning desire to build their entire company via traditional advertising.)

MLM is just pure hype…

Now for this one, I actually had to check the definition of 'hype': Verb: Promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits. Again, this is a flawed assumption, and generalization, that the promises aren't perfectly true, when correct energy is applied to correct knowledge and correct action.

For example: Every promise made to me in all my years of Network marketing was actually an 'under-promise' – meaning that what happened when I learned the skills was dramatically better – in all dimensions, than the promise that was made. Interesting, isn't it?


When you criticize something because you failed, you look like a moron to everyone in the world (and there are a lot) who aren't weanies, wimps, and wussies.

Enjoy the 26 jobs you'll have between 21 and retirement, your extremely stressful finances will provide motivation to the next generation of networkers (your kids, who don't want your life) who will succeed, after they join 10,000 levels down in my organization, 30 years from now 🙂


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