Solavei 100,000 Members $2,5+ Million In Commissions In 70 Days

Ryan Wuerch Solavei CEO


In a mere 70 days since its launch, Solavei has attracted more than 100,000 members in the USA. 

As an alternative to spending tens of millions of capital on advertising and marketing, Solavei leverages its members to share the value proposition with friends, family, and others – and rewards them for their efforts.

The 100,000 members using Solavei’s no-contract mobile service are the most effective form of advertising and distribution. Members sign up new cell service customers by sharing through word-of-mouth and personal social media connections. In its first two months of operation, Solavei paid out more than $2.5 million in member commissions. Approximately 200 members are earning $1,000+ a month.

 “The time is right for the more than 4 million AT&T iPhone customers who initially signed contracts in 2010 to cut their phone bills in half and gain the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with their friends and family,” remarked Ryan Wuerch, founder and CEO of Solavei.

Founding Member, Wendy Goody, is equally enthusiastic.  “My network is chock full of technology hounds who love the iPhone – the fast data speeds across so many new regions are going to be a boon for the business builders on my team.

About Solavei:

Solavei network of members can now access up to 4G coverage on unlocked GSM iPhones® in 37 new geographic areas with the 1900 MHz band. The network upgrades enable Solavei members to use iPhones and other AT&T/4G smartphones to access its $49 per month unlimited talk, text and data in metros including:

Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, , Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, Central and Southern Arizona, the San Francisco Bay Area, California’s Central Valley and South Florida.


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  1. If your friends have not heard of Solavei yet, they will in the coming months. I’ve never seen anything with such a promising opportunity.
    This truly is The New Mobile, and much more! . . . . Imagine, since launch on Sept 21, 2012, over 200 members are earning $1,000 +, with some already over $6,000/month. And we’re earning while helping cell phone users save money every month.

    On Jan 1, 2013, the CEO announced that they will plan to implement their Social Commerce this year, which is why they started out building a mobile network on which it would run. Additionally, he said that we will also begin expanding globally this year.

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