Bidify Attacked By Scammer



According to the Bidiy management, the company is under attack by a former vendor, Lloyd Albert Liske:

Dear Bidify Affiliates,

It has recently come to our attention that a small group of people, spearheaded by Lloyd Albert Liske, sent an unauthorized mass email to all of our members. It appears that the sole purpose of the email was to attack Bidify and our loyal Affiliates with unwarranted, untruthful and defamatory remarks and threats.

The email (and the websites linked from the email) are utterly false and without merit. Please be assured that Bidify will not accept such behavior and we are taking all necessary actions to stop this illegal activity. We have discussed this matter with our attorneys, who are investigating the matter and devising a plan to put an end to these attacks. We intend to hold Mr. Liske and others associated with these email attacks fully accountable for their actions and we intend to explore the full range of remedies available under the law.

It comes as no surprise that Lloyd Albert Liske was involved in the email attacks as Bidify terminated its relationship with Mr. Liske several months ago. Unfortunately, there is much more to Mr. Liske and his activities than most of you are aware. It is important that our Affiliates understand the truth about Mr. Liske and the circumstances that led us to sever ties with him.

The Truth about Lloyd Albert Liske.

Mr. Liske has multiple aliases: Lloyd Albert Liske, aka Albert Liske, aka Lloyd Liske, aka Josh MacDonald, aka Joel Asadoorian, aka Robert Hesche, and others.

Bidify’s relationship with Lloyd Albert Liske started with discussions with “Josh MacDonald” through Penny Auction Wizards, At that time, Josh (aka, Lloyd Albert Liske) was selling auction software and promised to deliver the software for Bidsson 2.0. Josh stated to us that he had been part of building Quibids and that Quibids was running his software. However, we later learned that Josh was, in fact, Lloyd Albert Liske, and that his software was non-functional, full of backdoors a nd errors. After contacting QuiBids, we learned that they had never heard of Mr. Liske or Josh. He had not delivered software to them, as they have their own in-house programmers.

We also discovered some disturbing information about Mr. Liske; he had a notorious reputation in the hacking and credit card fraud circles.  Mr. Liske and his previous history is mentioned in a book, Kingpin

It was quite ironic when our company experienced a similar hack during our leadership cruise a few months ago.  During this cruise, Liske made it a point to go back to Canada, which is when our system was attacked, seemingly coming out of Vietnam. Even more interesting was Mr. Liske’s direct contact with the so called hacker from Vietnam.

After conducting additional research into Mr. Liske’s past, we discovered that others had encountered troubles with Mr. Liske as well:

Recently, we discovered that he is delivering software to BlueBird Bids, who may not be aware of Mr. Liske’s troubled past or the issues with his faulty software.

Mr. Liske claims on his website that Bidsson is powered by his software, when, in fact, Bidsson is NOT running his software at all.

Regarding Liske’s claims about us owing him money, we’ve already paid our fair share.  In October of 2012, we transferred 100,000 euros to our Bidsson bank account, which he had access.  It was towards the end of his employment with us.  Instead of covering the obligations owed by the company, he transferred the money to himself via invoices for staff that never existed.  We were left with the bill.      

The foregoing is only the tip of the iceberg concerning Mr. Liske. However, based on everything we learned about Mr. Liske and his fraudulent dealings with us, we were forced to terminate our relationship with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Liske continues his fraudulent activities by engaging in this baseless attack against Bidify and our Affiliates. We will share more information related to this matter as it develops.

The Truth About Towah

We will be sending an email shortly to every member that has transferred money from the Bidify Backoffice to their Towah account. As you may know, Bidify and its members have had their funds blocked by Towah. Our attorneys are working hard to get to the bottom of this to find a solution to get this resolved. Unfortunately, Towah is not cooperating with us and is refusing to give us information regarding the frozen accounts, so we need feedback from our members on amounts locked in their Towah accounts. Please follow the instructions in this email, so our attorneys can continue their work to access Towah funds.

Please know that we are working hard to make Bidify a success for everyone.

Kind Regards
Bidify Management

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  1. Sorry bud, but after having read all the information, it appears to me that Bidify is absolutely lying, and Mr. Liske (the original creator of online penny auctions) has all the physical documentation he needs to prove that Bidify is a Ponzi scheme. Please check out bidifyfraud dot com, and behindmlm dot com, and THEN decide for yourself.

    Bidify is even lying about the fact that Mr. Liske originally resigned from the company (their online blog stated that he resigned, as well as admitting they were surprised by his resignation. but then they removed their posting less than a day later).

    Affiliates have already lost countless thousands, and perhaps millions of dollars, to Bidify. (I personally know about twenty of them, who lost nearly a half million USD, combined). Please get the facts.

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