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Dale Peake is 5 star ViSalus Ambassador, one of the highest positions in the compensation plan. He resides in Lawton, Michigan, USA. Dale has experienced a level of success that surpasses anything in his wildest dreams.

Dale has a team of 15,000 customers and promotors, and his income is topping at $76,000 a month.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Dale Peake.

Dale, what was your first introduction to MLM, who invite you and why did you accept the invite?

My first introduction to MLM was almost 15 years ago with an other company that was very service driven. I was just invited by a friend I had sold insurance with in the past and at that time was 27 with a couple of small children at home.

I was drawn to the possibilities of Network Marketing and the residual income potential that it offered. Little did I know 15 years later I have been full time for 14 years and have remained and love the fact that I am thoroughly unemployable!!!!

What attracted you in the business model, why did you decide to put your time and efforts in?

 I always have been a dreamer… I loved the idea of working for myself outside of conventional business or corporate America.

I got caught up in the personal development, I have read more books in the last 15 years then most people read in a lifetime. Leaders are readers!

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Dale, why did you team up with your sponsors Rick and Elaine Lynas in ViSalus?

Rick and Elaine Lynas are absolutely amazing, we had been in another company and had become good friends. They had decades of experience in Networking and we thought and looked at life in many the same ways.

It was easy to talk, plan, strategize with them and understand the vision of where this was going.

Dale Peake Dale Peake ViSalus
Dale and Hulk Hogan Top Earner Retreat


How did you build such an impressive team, what is your secret?

Lol… No real secret honestly! Love your team, be a servant leader. I learned along time ago, don't be the issue! Let other people be the issue, and I know it's kind of overused but if I helped enough other people get what they want my success was simple!

Work hard, dream big! When my goals cease to be bigger than the teams goals then I cease to be there leader.

Who have been your mentors or inspirators?

There have been many along the way, Dr John C Maxwell is a huge me for for me. Personally my upline in Visalus, Rick and Elaine Lynas, Paula Foeller, John Martin, Aaron Fortner, Jason O' Toole and Nick and Ashley Sarnicola, along with founders Blake Mallon and Ryan Blair, have been the inspiring factor in helping me succeed to this level of success.

However, the motivation is simple… It is the team, their wants, desires and goals are what fire me up to truly Bring the Boom!

What do you like about Network Marketing?

I love the people! People are absolutely amazing and I am lost without them. Everytime a new pin rank is hit another life is changed for the better! Everytime my phone rings with a leader on a dream vacation or sending their kids to private school it makes me so proud of what this industry is all about.

How do you overcome objections?

Objections to me are pretty simple, there really are only 3.

  • I do not have time!
  • I don't have money or
  • I just don't like MLM.

Time is simple— I understand how you feel, I felt the same way but then I also understood that if I do not have time now, what am I doing to change that?

Money— same idea it's $1.82 a shake to better your health and potentially save your life! If you don't have money now… What are you doing to change that?

I don't like MLM- well be a customer then, most people don't really understand Network Marketing, they need to understand that the product is real and then referring it is simple! Bottom line on objections- don't ever be overly confrontational.

Remember:  Some will, some won't, so what! Someone is waiting for you to contact them right now!!

ViSalus Meeting

ViSalus Meeting


How did you build up your organization?

I built by recruiting heavily right out of the gate and helping people hit Rising Star Director and The BMW position as fast as they could. Our system is so simple, three for free stars and cars. All we have to do is follow and implement the play that the founders have put out for us!smiley

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  1. Congrats Dale! Thank you for all your help, leadership and dedication! To hear the words “I’m Proud of you” from a person that is Financially waaaay above yours…that really encourages and inspires me. You Elaine, Neal, Paul, Alicia and Danny really are GREAT mentors! Can’t wait to live a life I’ve dreamed of doing what I love with GREAT PEOPLE!

    Love all of you on Team BMW!!!!


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