Gano Excel Closed In the USA and Canada?

Joven Cabasag


It looks like coffee giant MLM Gano Excel closed its doors in the USA and Canada as it is not longer possible to sign up for those countries on the website. Strong rumors suggest former Gano Excel CEO Joven Cabasag evidently took  the database and trade secrets to start another company, Gano life.

Earlier the Gano Excel USA website told about Joven Cabasag:

Following a lifelong passion for herbology, Mr. Leow, undertook years of intense study into the medicinal properties of various species of mushroom. Through these studies, he became particularly interested in a mysterious red mushroom named Ganoderma lucidum. Known also as Reighi, Lingzhi, and Yeongji, Ganoderma lucidum exhibited such a wide range of benefits that Mr. Leow couldn’t help but want to share this “wonder herb” with the world. The only question for Mr. Leow was, How do we bring this miracle herb to the people on a massive scale?

He found his answer in coffee. By infusing the world’s most popular beverage with Ganoderma lucidum, Mr. Leow had the vehicle he needed to bring Ganoderma to the masses. Over the next decade, this quiet, unassuming researcher would build Gano Excel from a small farm in Malaysia – to the largest network marketing company in all of Asia.

Not content with the enormous success of Gano Excel in Asia and other global markets, Mr Leow felt that there was still greater work to be done. In order to bring Ganoderma lucidum to the forefront of the global consciousness, it would be necessary to gain a foothold in the largest, highest profile market in the world. It was time to bring Ganoderma lucidum to the United States of America. As with most successful companies, Gano Excel | The Americas would have humble beginnings. Microsoft was launched in a garage, Facebook began as a class project, and Gano Excel started its U.S. operations in a spartan little office with one phone line, folding tables and chairs, and a whole lot of promise.

Much in the same way that the cultivation of the Ganoderma lucidum itself requires just the right mix of knowledge, skill, and care, Mr. Leow realized that these traits would also be needed in the individual that would successfully grow Gano Excel in the U.S.A. He needed a man who would both share his vision, and have the skill and experience to bring it to fruition in the West. He found just such a man in Joven Cabasag.

A proven leader and top producing network marketer, Joven was in-between companies when he first learned of the opportunity at Gano Excel. He was intrigued by what he thought of as “enriched coffee,” and after learning that coffee was the second most traded commodity in the world, it became very clear that he had just encountered the most perfect networking product ever. Mr Cabasag joined the Gano Excel family in 2003, taking on the role of Executive Vice President of North America, and in this position he would play a vital role in growing the company in the region. In less than a year, Gano Excel | The Americas. would attract 30,000 business partners and monthly sales would jump to seven figures.

Through his quiet effort, and significant dedication Joven’s expertise supported the growing company and helped the entire U.S. executive team reach amazing milestones. To support this high level of growth, Gano Excel would move to an impressive 40,000 square foot facility. Determined to make the most of the newly acquired space, Mr. Cabasag conceptualized and designed a” social center” that would eventually be known as “The Promenade;” a unique synergizing of meeting space, social lounge, and mobile office into one harmonious whole. The Promenade would offer Affiliates a place to prospect, motivate, learn about the product and opportunity, and simply hang out and enjoy themselves.

With a keen passion and foresight in the field of technology, Joven would also orchestrate several improvements to the company, including the implementation of a state of the art logistics system that would support massive volume shipping. He would also bring in key executives, who would architect the in-house development of systems that would empower Gano Excel in its aggressive expansion into North and Latin America.

As is usually the case, with such rapid growth, there were also the inevitable growing pains. From the summer of 2007 through the winter of 2008, Gano Excel experienced significant challenges in numerous North American markets. Through these troubled times, Joven Cabasag was a guiding light as he stepped forward and essentially rebuilt the company, bringing about a phoenix like transformation from the ashes of adversity. Joven would even go as far as to put the financial security of his own family at risk by investing his life savings into the company, thereby providing stability for his team during a period of transition. In recognition of his dedication, Joven was named the CEO of Gano Excel and took the helm of both North and Latin American operations.

It has been noted that Joven Cabasag is the “Steve Jobs” of Gano Excel. Much in the same way that Mr Jobs was able to breathe new live into the Apple Corporation, Mr. Cabasag was the driving force in bringing about the evolution of Gano Excel. Implementing a new string of strategies such as rebuilding the executive team, launching Gano Excel Peru, and restructuring the company’s compensation plan, Joven’s leadership would cause Gano Excel | The Americas. to skyrocket to success. Whereas the Ipod has captured the market share in its industry, Gano Excel has become the premier company for Ganoderma enriched products.

It has been said that “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Mr. Leow’s dream of bringing Ganoderma lucidum to the western world is well on its way to fruition, thanks to the efforts of Joven Cabasag. With a talented executive and supporting team in place, Gano Excel is poised for it’s next evolution.

In speaking with Mr. Leow, Joven once asked him what he considered to be his greatest achievement. “I wanted to bless the world with Ganoderma” he answered. ” I wanted to see millions of lives blessed with both happiness and prosperity. After reflecting further on the successes in North and Latin America orchestrated by Mr. Cabasag, Mr. Leow would add: “Joven, I believe we've found the voices to make this happen.

Get more information, facts and figures about Gano Excel, click here for the Gano Excel overview.

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Comments (43)

    1. Gano Excel is alive and well…….some Corporate people chose to leave and try their own company, but they merely left Gano Excel with more integrity and less back stabbing. Gano Excel will more onward and upward.

      1. Go away??? The CEO left not the company. They want to make it seem like it is going away but the company is alive under new management same location – Irwindale, CA

  1. I empathize with the distributors and clientele of Gano Excel thay have been adversely affected by the recent turn of events. To make a smooth transition without an interruption in your business operations, please email me for immediate assistance. May your organization experience continued success!

    1. LOL…..another vulture circling. I figured as much, Organo Gold is no better then those who are at GanoLife. They did the same thing in 2003. Remember there is only one original..Gano Excel since 1995.

    2. GANO EXCEL DID NOT GO AWAY!!!! As of 02/01/13 the company is up and running. Under new management and new products.
      Gano Excel hazelnut coffee is in plus more great products on its way. Same location Irwindale, CA GO GANO!!!!!

  2. It’s funny as soon as a company shuts it’s doors here goes the SLAM wagon lol. Look I am very interested in meeting people who have had their dreams crushed, I do believe in what I do, the company I represent, as well as the product being very similiar. I have experience and am personally working hands on with the #1 earner of the company I represent. I am not here to lure and do not really care if you have an interest in joining my organization. GE was a SUPER GIANT in our industry and if any of you are looking for a home or just someone to establish a relationship with then email me, or give me a call at 972-750-0444. I wish everyone previously with GE the best in whatever decision you make in your financial journey!

    1. GE was a SUPER GIANT??? It still is …hasn’t gone away. As of 02/01/13 the company is open under new management – Irwindale, CA. GANO EXCEL is introducing new items HAZEL NUT COFFEE, GANO SLIM, AND FACIAL CREAMS with ganoderma extract. It will be even better than before. All the corrupt leaders have left to build their own bucket of worms.

  3. I bet 100% Commissions from blogging are sounding really good about now! Sorry to hear about your loss, one things for sure in this profession is its always changing, and that’ a good thing! It may not seem like it right now just remember why you got started in the beginning and Never Let Your DREAM DIE, “NEVER” explore your options! “A setback is a setup for a come back!” Let me know if I can help!
    Stay Fired UP! Stay Focused! Stay FREE!!!

  4. I’m sure that many people have good intentions, but sorry… Only reading your comments I see how is ridiculous talking about companies that selling the same products… No exclusive. Excuse me… I prefarre company that are unique. I think this is the real opportunity for don’t fail in business. Have a good time.

  5. It’s now called GanoLife, we just transferred our account over. The change is to better the Reps, feel free to give me a call and U’ll set up a webinar to share the opportunity with you. The commissions were increased and the product is now Certified Organic and Kosher, as well as approved by the FDA. I’m excited about the changes, call me at 336-833-2972.

    1. It is still very much called Gano Excel !!! The defectors have started their own company and that company is called GanoLife. Please explain the difference between Certified Organic and Organic? Feel free to let everyone know that you have taken the database and are trying to get everyone to reengage so as to get them as GanoLife affiliates now and not telling them that when they do this they are signing up for a new company too. Your tactics are deplorable. !! I hope you all are able to sleep at night with the lies and deception that you are putting out there. !!

    2. Gano Excel is still up and running under new management in Irwindale, CA as of 02/01/13. It is sad how this CEO Joven Cabasag opened his own company ganolie and its distributors are lying to everyone saying its the same company. It is not a good way to start for a new company. All the corrupt leaders have left and taken their bucket of worms somewhere else. Over there they can cheat and add/remove people to their binary legs, steal and hate each other like they did when they were at GE!!!

  6. As of January 31, 2013 Gano Excel International is getting ready to re-launch!!!!! With better products and under new and improved management. No doubt Gano Excel has the best ganoderma lucidum products. Many countries are following to re-open after the company abandonded by Mr. Joven Cabasag.

      1. No need to enroll again. Gano Excell never went away just the CEO. Binary and volume stays the same 🙂 . The corporate office will be in the same place – Irwindale, CA

  7. It makes me sick when these kind of news come out, so many people’s hard work just go down to drain, 3 days ago FHTM today Gano Excel, what’s up with the integrity of the leadership?
    I am so happy we have the collaboration with Napoleon Hill Foundation, that means a lot.

  8. To all people consumers in Gano Excel : Mr. Leow its taking control of all Gano Excel America. In United States the office in Irwindale its already taken and still the same phone number. Back offices are almost ready. Be patient new products are coming on the way like GANO SLIM, BELAGENE(strawberry drink with collagene) BODY LOTION and many more. We the peolple in Gano Excel are int the most solin mlm Company in the world.

  9. definitely in troubled waters to all fishing provechamos. but let me say I am a distributor of Gano Excel and it is true that GE will Cabar. I want to end that is different, but we decree that they will achieve, no money in the world to buy the conscience of the people, what we have here is a vile traision to Mr Leow, Gano Excel came into the world and here you will also want to trample aquedar, swore that Colombia ended in December 2012, we are today at 31 January and here we are, as the saying dawn and see, friends and partners of Gano Excel, not intimidate or frighten nosdejemos the mission is to bring health GE and prosperity to cda family in the world and that mission we will continue to carry, the countries that arbitrarily taken away from GE, will be re opening soon. may have peace. I share Mr Leow statements in Colombia convinced on December 16, 2012, listen to all, enters and take your own conclusions, I wish you every success in your work and my God grant the triple what we want to the great family GANO EXCEL

  10. Es muy triste que esto ocurra en nuestra industria. Todos nos afectamos.

    Si es cierto que Gano Excel tuvo que cerrar dos días por seguridad, por que supuestamente alguien entro a su base de datos y tomo información secreta, eso es ilegal. El que lo halla hecho le va a ir muy mal. Eso no es correcto. Si Gano Life finalmente fue la responsable por eso, en los Estados Unidos eso se penaliza en las cortes con multas y cárcel.

    DIOS cuide a los asociados inocentes por las acciones de algunos corporativos. Uno puede hacerse rico haciendo las cosas mal y haciendo las cosas bien. Podemos escoger hacerlo bien.

    Les deseo lo mejor.

    Roberto Pérez

  11. A todos los consumidores de Gano Excel en America les queremos informar que no deben preocuparse. Gano Excel no se retira de America. En el pasado Mr. Leow (DUEÑO INTERNACIONAL en MALASYA compartia sus acciones con el Sr. Jovan Cabasag solo en 9 paises de America. Mr. Leow ahora esta tomando el 100% del control de esos 9 paises. El Sr. Joven Cabasag creo su propia compañia la cual no tiene nada que ver con Gano Excel. En este momento esta ya por llegar el producto desde MALASIA y las oficinas dentro de poco volveran a la normalidad. Tu puedes llamar al anterior 01 800 de la oficinas de Gano Excel North America en Irwindale CA y te contestaran. Se paciente viene un nuevo Plan de Compensacion y productos nuevos para todos los paises de America. Gano Excel es una compañia con mas de 15 años en Investigacion mas otros 15 en operacion con presencia en mas de 59 paises , 890 millones de dolares vendidos anualmente. Dificil pensar que puediera retirarse de America.

  12. it’s a real pity for all distributors and their families. We’ve a strong growing Team with patented skills used by millionaire compenies to invoice billions. If someone is in need of a new home, please conder working with us. We cover mainly Europe and some american states. We have the best conferencing training system, face to face and meeting presentation with one academy training of highest quality with proven international mentros. We can’t promise miracles, but we can promise that if you join with us, you will work with the best proven system working.

  13. For all of you folks suffering from this tragic situation .I hope you all pick up your feet and don’t give up on network marketing. I feel for you. Keep your head up and PRESS ON!

    For those posting your opportunities here, You are a complete SHAME to the Network Marketing Industry.

  14. Señores, Gano Excel no cierra operaciones en América!
    Invito a los afiliados de otras compañías a no comportarse como aves de rapiña y querer confundir a los afiliados de Gano Excel para llevarselos a sus negocios; sean profesionales, por favor. Todos hablan y dicen que tienen el mejor producto, pero les recuerdo un dato importante, Gano Excel es la número 1 en enriquecer el café con Ganoderma Lucidum y por eso la han querido imitar mas nunca la igualarán. Saludos!

  15. Hola a todos. Me parecio una falta de respeto a los consumidores y distribuidores de Ganoexcel la forma en QUE GL nos intento reclutar dicendo que era la misma compania. Lo que estan haciendo ahora es igual de feo, CUIDENSE las demas companias, pues Ganolife esta ofreciendo a los lideres de Organogold, TLC, y otras de Cafe con ganoderma que si se van con ellos les dan el mismo rango y banco de puntos. Competencia desleal y enganosa! Me decepciona terriblemente el liderazgo en que Confie!

  16. Atypical of Jovan, a self praise article trying to convince you to follow him. Little is known of the early days with Jovan, and it is a surprise the GanoExcel succeeded under him. Only thru the strength of GanoExcel itself, the product and Mr Leow did it grow. Our “handle” – MyGanoCafe – was granted to GanoExcel and Mr Potter – during the recovery from the OG mess. ( We are and ). Now it seems thru slight of hand, they are trying to take those we worked with and brought to GanoExcel and move them to another initation Gano company. There is only ONE GanoExcel – and that is with Mr. Leow, and we are here to help those who wish to stay with the real GanoExcel.

  17. Anytime you have disruption or confusion in a market leader of the worlds greatest herb then we all suffer in the value of the opportunity in net work marketing. It took 30 years for me to look at any MLM period, but, the product Ganoderma that was introduced to me via Organo Gold has been very rewarding in every aspect. In Las Vegas, I have had Gano Excel, SereniGy and now Gano Life distributors come by my office in an attempt to recruit me only to find that I’m deeply rooted in the teaching and training of OG, and yet I’m respectful enough to allow them to make there full presentation. Prior to joining OG, I was in entertainment and sports for 30 yrs which has been very stable and I made the move to OG expecting the same level of stability that I held the music and sports business to. If anyone would like to know more about my due diligence of OG, and why a guy who made his first 1M at 21 joined this company, you can reach me at [email protected]

  18. TO ALL- please don’t spread rumors about any network company, our industry not very good in eyes of public, if realy this happened, painful to many GE distributors. select carefully a DSC to make your carrier…..


  19. It is a reality that some individuals in Network Marketing will not be satisfied with great advantages offered by this great industry. This type of inside raiding causes all who labor daily to create wealth and health to suffer reproach. However, we are professionals of high integrity and resilience. I entered into Network Marketing to free myself from false hope of security and the dwindling wages in the job market. Furthermore, I wanted to offer individuals in their late 50’s whom are finding it very difficult to monetize their skill set, an opportunity to realize an income that will replace the pension and social security benefits that has vanished. Prior to joining OG, I was in real estate, retail and entertainment for 20 yrs which has been very stable and I made the move to OG expecting the same level of stability that I held the real estate and music business to. If anyone would like to know more about my due diligence of OG, and why a guy who made has enjoyed great success joined this company, you can reach me at [email protected]

  20. Hola a Todos.
    Es triste mirar como dice el dicho: “A rio revuelto, ganancia de pescadores”
    En este problema de Gano Excel, Quien en realidad nunca cerró sus puertas como compañía, sino fue saboteada, pero, al igual que el ave fénix, resurge de sus cenizas. Resurge porque ya una vez surgió, en su nacimiento… de sus cenizas porque así creyeron sus enemigos que la habían dejado. Desaparecida, nada, cenizas. Ante esta situación se ve quien está con Gano Excel y quien no, y por supuesto, aquellos que al ver el problema, quieren aprovecharse de él.
    Es curioso ver como la misma situación se mira desde tan diferentes ángulos y hay diferentes opiniones. Y muy extraño que aquellos que desde hace dos años decían que el negocio de gano excel iba viento en popa, ahora dicen que “Veían la decadencia de su negocio” Es cierto, cada cabeza es un mundo, y a los que continuamos con gano excel se nos acusa de “No inteligentes” “Tontos” “Babosos” entre otras cosas.
    Por qué no nos dejan elegir sin insultarnos? Después de todo, ustedes son quienes se fueron. No se enojen porque hay quienes decidimos pensar por nosotros mismos y tomar nuestra propia decisión.
    Si quieres ayuda para continuar en Gano Excel, puedes comunicarte conmigo. [email protected]

  21. If Gano Excell is still around,, what the heck happened to Gano Excell Canada,, it appears to gone completely!!
    I was able to place a call to the USA office in CA. but, Canada is just gone! I am , or was a Canadian distributor who is left with no supplier, because , My customers don’t like the taste of Organo Gold!

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