Top Earner Bill Britt – Amway Passed Away

Bill Britt Amway Passed Away


Founders Crown Ambassador William “Bill” Britt has passed away at the age of 81. Britt, the founder and leader of Britt WorldWide, was one of the most successful yet controversial distributors in Amway’s history.

Bill and his wife Peggy joined Amway in 1970, ten years after the company began, and built one of the largest Amway businesses in the world. They reached Diamond level in 1973 and Crown Ambassador in 1996. In 2004 they were recognized as Founders Crown Ambassador, FAA 40, one of only 14 Amway distributorships in the world to have reached that level.

The Britts are downline of Founders Crown Ambassador Dexter Yager, and were an integral part of the success and expansion of the “Yager System” in the 70s and 80s. The Britt’s eventually founded their own business support company, Britt WorldWide which grew around the world, reaching great success particularly in India, where the Britt’s developed a second large Amway business, reaching Crown in 2009.

Their success was not without controversy however. Britt’s firebrand approach, with no apologies for mixing his strong evangelical Christian faith, political beliefs and business attracting devotion from many but criticism from others. In 2004 the Britt organisation was the focus of a Dateline NBC investigation into Quixtar (now Amway North America) and several of his downline distributors were disciplined by Amway as a result.

The Britt’s Amway legacy lives on, with  hundreds of Diamonds from around the world in their downline, including Paul & Leslie Miller and Larry & Pam Winters from the United States, India’s Founders Triple Diamonds, Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich and Double Diamonds Kanti & Lata Gala, China’s Founders Crown Ambassador’s Guo-Yuan Du & Ya-Qin Zhu (Matthew Du), England’s Double Diamonds Trevor & Jackie Lowe and Turkey’s Double Diamonds Hatice Firat & Mehmet Muratoglu and Merih & Nilufer Bolukbasi.

Our thoughts are with his wife Peggy and the entire Britt Worldwide family.



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Comments (44)

  1. RIP Bill, You touched the lives of millions of people. (including mine)
    May God be with Peggy,your entire family, and those you mentored and loved.

  2. Peggy, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I was blessed to hear Bill speak through tapes on many occasions. Heaven will be a richer place because of all the people who came to know the Lord through his words. Please rest in God’s love peace and mercy as you go through the coming days.

  3. Such a gr8 person.. created a gr8 life for many around the world….both in terms of money and a good charecter as well..cant find such a great person in the world who made a wonderfull model of business

  4. Mr. Bill,

    You are the Inspiration for all of us & we Love you a lot lot lot lot……

    By listening a lot about your Love & Caring nature from different Mega Diamonds, we always wanted to come & meet you personally & wanted to have atleast a fraction of moment under the shadow of your love fact-to-face.

    But, we found that God needs your assistance much more than us, to let’s all become CAMB & spread your msg across the humanity. We will spread your Love & MSG to each & every human on the face of earth well before we meet you personally up there.

    You are not Gone……you always are living in our Hearts.

    Love You & Miss you a lot.
    Hemal & Jagruti Parmar
    Pune, Maharashtra, India

  5. Mr. Bill,

    I was shocked when my upline and mentor Mr. Sojan Koshy told me that Bill has passed away. The one and only strong man who was a legend created path for everyone who loved BWW and was eager to learn the system. I prayed everyday for Bill Britt & Peggy Britt when I knew I am changed by the teaching of BWW. I always wanted to meet you raise my hand on stage with your help when I got hold of that particular PIN Diamond. But GOD needs you more than us. Bill you You are in our prayers. Bill Britt was a LEGEND. What a legacy to leave. Bill you have changed, created the path for thousands of people in the ENTIRE WORLD in different continents. Now its time for you to be with our Heavenly Father and be with him always together look from Heaven down to Earth and see what you have done and changed. Bill you are not gone…………………….You are always LIVING in our HEARTS.

    Love you & Miss you a lot
    Anil K George, Shiny Anil & Aelin Anil George
    Thiruvalla, Kerala, India

  6. I met him on 14 february 2002 in delhi india at FREE ENTERPRISING CELEBRATION, HE came india that time with his personal JUMBO JET PLANE, he was definately a marvelus personality.he has a huge roll to aware direct selling industry in entire global. may god give almighty and peace to him and god bless peggy brit and her family…..
    from india.

  7. Mr.BRITT You never die & you always live in our heart.
    GOD Gift you a DIVINE POWER & you spread ALL OVER WORLD.
    We salute you.
    FOUNDER PLATINUM 09058586659, 09412279141

  8. Rest in peace Bill, we missed you ! You have changed lives of millions of peoples !! Our dream of meeting you personally remain unfulfilled !

  9. RIP!!! Our prays goes out to your family and friends. May God bless your soul. You will be miss!! Charlie and Elsie loves him. Dave, Dominique and family.

  10. I worked with and for Bill many years in the 90s. I have accomplished so much in my life because of his mentoring. I am blessed to have known him personally. My prayers for Peggy and their extended Amway family (Bill and Peggy did not have children).

  11. Mr. Bill,

    You are the Inspiration for all of us & we Love you a lot lot lot lot??
    may god give almighty and peace to him and god bless peggy brit and her family?..

  12. Respected BILL Sir,you touched OUR LIFE through the wonderful BWW System…..we r sure that this education system will also do wonders in many HUMAN LIFEs in coming years………….we always thanking you…….we pray to GOD to give your SOUL peace.

  13. May G’d Bless Brit for All his Good Endeavors and for His Promotion of Human Excellence!!! I thank Brit for being One of the Pioneers in this Country for the promotion and, for Opening up some of the doors for the Network Marketing Industry!!!

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