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Mark Yarnell Qivana


According to Mark Yarnell, author of Your First Year in Network Marketing, the Qivana Company of Provo, Utah will soon take one more step towards solidifying its attempt to become the 15th direct sales company in history to surpass the one billion dollar annual sales benchmark.

Since the industry’s inception when Avon was launched in the late 1800s only 14 out of 10,000 North American direct sales companies have sustained that significant annual revenue.

As Yarnell has pointed out to numerous audiences in his lectures, books and magazine articles, “The odds of any American selecting a ground floor company that results in wealth and time freedom are about the same as winning at Powerball…that is 14/100 of 1%.

For over a quarter century, Mark Yarnell has warned people about the volatility of the direct sales industry. Unlike many industry proponents, Yarnell has consistently attempted to dissuade consumers from entering his profession without performing serious due diligence on the potential company. And Yarnell should know.

In addition to writing the industry’s top bestselling book, he taught a certificate program for 18 years with Harvard business PhD Charles King and has appeared on numerous talk shows over the years, including the O’Reilly Factor. In 1997, Yarnell and Dr King were flown to Seoul by the law school to teach the Korean legal industry and government officials how to differentiate between pyramid schemes and legitimate companies.

According to Yarnell, “History leaves clues. By evaluating those 14 companies that made it to annualized sales of a billion dollars, it’s fairly safe to predict other companies with that same potential. Many people unwittingly join companies which fail to meet the algorithms of long-term success. But when Qivana releases two new products this February Yarnell believes it could easily set itself up to become the next blockbuster. He and his family are betting their reputations on it.

In Yarnell’s opinion, network marketing, or as it’s sometimes called, MLM, is the best sector of capitalism given its dramatically low-cost entry level and significant upside earning potential. Unfortunately, most people who enter the field do so merely to “dabble.” But when a company like Qivana emerges, Yarnell believes that serious capitalists need to treat it like real business.

It only happens once or so a decade and when it does, participants must go to work full-tilt. Timing is an issue. Past the ten million dollar monthly revenue, the ground floor earnings potential diminishes significantly. “Pioneers need to take a position and go to work without hesitation if they want to enjoy the large payoffs during momentum,” according to Yarnell.

Source: PRWeb

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