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Shelley Ke and Victor Xu of Sydney, Australia, have surpassed all records to become the highest ranked MonaVie distributors Down Under by achieving Presidential Black Diamond Executive status in December 2012. It took them just three years and they started with zero previous direct selling experience.

With their latest rank advancement, Shelley and Victor received a bonus check in the amount of AU$360,000.

Shelley and Victor have had a meteoric rise through the ranks of MonaVie since they enrolled in January 2009. On the very last day of 2010, they hit the rank of Purple Diamond and in 2011 they became Black Diamonds.

They continued to excel in 2012 and achieved Royal Black Diamond status in April 2012, earning them a rank advancement bonus of AU$120,000 before leaping to Presidential Black Diamond right before Christmas.

“After joining MonaVie, I studied the business plan and was amazed at both the solid platform and exceptional concept surrounding the MonaVie Compensation Plan,” Shelley

“From the first day I joined, I felt dedicated to succeeding with MonaVie, and I remain fully committed and prepared to work hard.”

She went on to say, “I enjoy MonaVie because it is a timeless product that everyone can use to help them achieve good health. Being in MonaVie has made me feel that anything is possible. Whether it is in health or in financial freedom, I know I can achieve both with MonaVie.”

Despite all they have accomplished, we know Shelley and Victor will continue to achieve much more success. Their attitude of “persistent and consistent” work is rooted deep within them and they have instilled that same principle in their growing worldwide organization. Just listen to their words of wisdom: “Never give up. When you face challenges, do not make excuses. Remember, to be successful is hard work, but being unsuccessful is harder on your life.”

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