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Tony Rush – Empower Network Hits $142,000 Per Month

by Ted Nuyten on February 5, 2013

Tony Rush Empower Network


Tony Rush from Dothan, Alabama, USA has hit as of Januari 2013, $142,000 per month with his Empower Network distributorship.

Tony Rush is one of the real characters in the network marketing and personal development industries. He has been fulltime in network marketing since 1996, continues to actively build his organization today and has consistently been in the Top 10 income earners in his company.

In May of 2005, he received the prestigious “Rising Star Award” for being the #1 team builder in his company after only 90 days.

Co-author of “It’s Time….For Network Marketing”, Tony is an internationally recognized expert in creating wealth in a home-based business. As a frequent guest on radio talk shows, podcasts and a consultant for home-based entrepreneurs in other companies, Tony has been a part of thousands of success stories over the years.

He’s been a featured speaker in several major cities in the United States as well as in Sydney Australia; Rome, Italy and Cancun, Mexico and has shared the stage with Bob Proctor (from the movie, “The Secret”), Michael Losier (author of “The Law of Attraction”), Phil Keoghan (host of “The Amazing Race”), Lynn McTaggart (author of The Field and The Intention Experiment) and many more.

He currently serves on the Executive Marketing Council for a leading direct-sales company and also hosts the popular “Wake Up To Success” call heard daily by thousands of network marketers in more than 65 countries each week.

He lives in Alabama with his wife Jessica, three sons and a dachshund named Bentley.

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