MLM Companies Web Traffic Ranks 10 March 2013

by Ted Nuyten on March 10, 2013

MLM Web Traffic Ranks


Direct Selling Companies websites – Internet Traffic Rankings 10 March 2013

High Alexa Rankings means the company main website is getting a lot of visitors and as prospects will check out an opportunity it is an indicator for momentum, growth, excitement ect.

It is not the ultimate "Truth" as many established companies have country specific websites. If your Alexa score is going "down the drain" you bet something is not going well at all, as history has learned. Consider the rankings as a fast check.

For your reference use we have ranked 2 generic websites: and

The rankings for 13 November 2012 click here:


Empower Network Alexa Rankings 10 March 2013 Visalus Alexa Rankings 10 March 2013

Empower Network – Great Growth

Visalus – Not good…

Banners Broker Alexa Rankings 10 March 2013 Bidify Alexa Rankings 10 March 2013

Banners Broker – Growth

Bidify – Not good


The MLM Alexa Rankings are as follow:

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