The Alkazin Family – Vemma Hit $650,000 Per Month

Tom and Bethany Alkazin


Vemma's Top producers Tom Alkazin and Bethany Alkazin, and their children Brad Alkazin, Chris Alkazin and Amy Alkazin has hit the $650,000 mark in March 2013 as a family in combined earnings.

Tom and Bethany made $12.9+ million with their Vemma distributorship. Their Life Time MLM Earnings are $20+ million. They live in a 6,000-square-foot home in Carlsbad, California, USA, near the Pacific Ocean, with a separate home office, guest house, swimming pool and basketball court.

Tom and Bethany have over 200,000+ distributors and customers who have enrolled in their organization, with a strong presence in the USA, Asia and Europe.

There has been well over $200+ million in sales flow through their organization as a result of Tom and Bethany's decision to support BK Boreyko's startup in 2006.

Nowadays Vemma Sales Revenue is around $150+ million with double digit growth figures. Tom and Bethany's team are realizing an est. 40% of the company sales volume.

The Alkazin Family

The Alkazin Family

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