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Robert Hollis, Ganolife


Robert Hollis is the Top Earner of Ganolife living in NewPort Coast, California, USA.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Robert. He is married to Teri Hollis and they have 3 sons, Robert Jr., Matthew, and Kyle.

Robert built a team of over 653,000 Affiliates in 5 years and went over $31 Million in Direct Selling Life Time Earnings.

Unlimited Profits Robert's team, which he started in February 2011, went over 60,000 members, with $100,000+ in monthly earnings. Robert previous endeavour was ACN where he was a Top 5 Regional Vice President.

Robert recently published How Is That Working?: A Roadmap from Rat Race to Freedom

Robert, what is your “Million Dollar Secret?

Helping other people get results! People don't care what you know, until they know that you care! This can only happen by truly helping them get results not telling them to! Show people how to get a customer! Show people how to invite someone to a presentation! Show someone how to get them enrolled! Show them how to do the things needed to be successful! If you don't know how, ask for HELP from someone that knows how!

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your business?

Hard to pick just one, the synergy of all of them together only happens a few times in history! I get so touched when I hear the heart felt stories of what Ganolife products have done in people lives! The opportunity has giving me so much more than financial freedom it's giving me fulfillment and joy beyond measure when you can make a difference in others lives and really make a difference that lasts lifetime!

The Hollis Family
The Hollis Family


How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

Networking Marketing to me is personal development with a pay plan! You earn while you learn! You have to work on you more than any thing else! I have seeked out the best mentors and teachers In everything I wanted to learn I did what they did and I am getting closer everyday to achieving their lifestyles!

By helping others do what I have done is my passion that really keeps me motivated! Ganolife allowed me to take everything I have learned and practiced over 27 years to take my life to the next level!

In other companies I earned millions but wasn't fulfilled and happy and had a hard time getting others to get the same success! The companies really focused on the money side and not the product side! When Joven Cabasag shared Ganolife with me it all came together for me! Joven Cabasag understands that money comes from serving others and building a satisfied loyal customers base and from those people that are raving fans of the product you find your customer builders TRUE Residual INCOME!

I have never been so certain and happy in my life I know have a peace of mind!

Ganolife Leaders In Robert Hollis Team

Llecenia Robles Ganolife James Wiggins Ganolife Blanca Solorio Ganolife Matt Tucciarelli Ganolife
Llecenia Robles James Wiggins Blanca Solorio Matt Tucciarelli
Alma Zaragoza Ganolife David Gonzalez Ganolife Scott Mercker Ganolife Luis R Landeros Ganolife
Alma Zaragoza David Gonzalez Scott Mercker Luis R Landeros
Alberto Martinez Ganolife Freddie Aquirre Ganolife Lovell and M-Jai Scotton Ganolife Robert Hollis Jr Ganolife
Alberto Martinez Freddie Aquirre Lovell and M-Jai Scotton Robert Hollis Jr.


What advice do you have for someone just starting out with their “million dollar dreams?”

You need to have a mentor! Who is your personal coach! All professions have them you NEED to find one! Now be very coachable do what they do and don't question what they do! Focus on getting better a small percentage everyday you just need to get better don't compare yourself with any one!

Then don't quit! It took time to get good at your job, to be a good spouse or parent! I takes time to get a education and it takes time to get good at building a successful team with Ganolife! I promise you it is WORTH IT!

There is a delicate balance between enjoying the time freedom that MLM provides you with, and working to keep enough momentum going to maintain your lifestyle.  Is that a correct assessment, and if so, how do you maintain that balance?

The key to balance is having a lot of fun! I heard years ago the second you fall in LOVE with what you do will be the second that you will no longer look at it as work!

Most people don't like what they do and don't have fun doing it! Again find a mentor that always is having fun and positive to be around! I am excited to get up every morning and help people all day I LOVE what I do!

Make sure the people you love the most are enrolled with your vision and dreams for them! They need to know what in it for them that way they support and cheer you on also let them know they are important all the people I LOVE know that and also know that if they need me they just have to say that and I will drop everything!

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