ViSalus UK New Star Ambassadors Announced

Peter and Hilary Webb, ViSalus


Body By Vi UK Founding Promoters Peter and Hilary Webb have become one of the first Ambassadors in the UK hitting 1 Star Ambassadors in just 45 Days after starting on April the 15th 2013.

Peter and Hilary are proudly enrolled into Vi by Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola and were part of the core UK Launch Leaders that have created one of if not the largest Network Marketing launches into the UK marketplace with over 16,000 people already on the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Coming right out of the Vi UK Pre-Launch event at the Birmingham NEC with over 3000+ people Peter said:

“We are so proud of our team and all the first wave of Ambassadors bursting onto the scene here in the UK. Not only do we have Nick’s great support but we are also being guided and mentored by Royal Ambassadors Tony and Rhonda Lucero and 5 Star Ambassador Bryon Bellville so would love to thank them for unbelievable support in helping us build so quickly.

What makes us both most proud of all is the fact we have helped over 50 people already qualify for the BMW Bonus and have a further 4 Ambassadors or above in our Team already including the UK’s youngest Ambassador Josh Churcher at the age of just 22 years old”

“Our Mission here in the UK and ultimately around the world is to help fight one of the World’s biggest problems today the Obesity Epidemic and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is a great solution for people in today’s hectic lifestyle, The Challenge allows people to take steps to do something about it and get results quickly whilst being supported and incentivised all at the same time.”

Over 3000+ people attended the Vi (UK) Pre-Launch event where 259 UK Promoters were recognised as new BMW Bimmer Club Qualifiers and £822,000.00 was awarded on stage in National Director, Presidential Director and Ambassador Bonuses.

We are so proud of our fun, dedicated and talented Team and are looking forward to helping thousands more people achieve results by joining the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge throughout the UK and ultimately around the world.

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