Indian Top Earners Deepak and Shobana Panicker Join Modi Care

Deepak Panicker


Indian Direct Selling Top Leader Deepak and Shobana Panicker has joined Modi Care

Originally from Chennai Tamil Nadu the couple has achieved the Diamond Direct and Blue Diamond leadership positions in two companies over the past 13 years.

During that time, not only did they pioneer new and effective marketing strategies for their business, speak in around more than 25 country of the world. And had their training resources they also strengthened and expanded the industry's presence in the market.

After starting his network marketing career from Herballife than joined Amega Global in India, this utterly charismatic leader has brilliantly developed a successful and broad network, as well as a remarkable reputation as a keynote speaker all over India.

Deepak Panicker has achieved one of the most significant growths in the history of network marketing in India with Amega Global not only did they become Diamond Direct in Amega Global having built an organization with more than 25,000 distributors at the end of 9 years only.

After 12 year Deepak Panicker joined Monavie another direct marketing company specialized in health. They achieved Blue Diamond ship position in monavie also just in first go, after his Blue diamond ship he break more than 15 diamond and emerald’s and above on his organization, built an organization with more than 75,000 distributors in Monavie and become one of the major distributors in India.

Deepak Panicker joined Modi Care India Base Direct Selling Company specialized in Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Deepak’s success is the result of a powerful leadership as well as an obvious ability to constantly create and renew simple and duplicable work methods and tools.

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