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Alex Morton, Vemma, Verve

Alex Morton – Vemma Hits $90,000 Per Month


Alex Morton, from Tempe, Arizona, USA has reached the $90,000+ per month mark with his Vemma distributorship..

Alex has 14,000 active members in his organization, 12 people on his team are 6 figure income earners.

Have you ever heard the term starving student? Well Arizona State University student Alex Morton has brought that cliché to its knees. At just 23 years old Alex is doing what only a few have the foresight to do — he’s creating a plan to attain total financial freedom. And it was all thanks to a trip to a Phoenix Suns game.

“I got introduced to Vemma through one of my dad’s good friends, Marty Wewerka. We watched the Suns game from the Verve Energy Lounge and the next day I wound up at Vemma Home Office. It was one of the best decisions of my life,” recalls Alex.

At the time Alex was introduced to Vemma, he got his income working in real estate while maintaining the heavy load that comes with being a full-time student.

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