Bonofa Plans Its Cube7 Launch On October



Bonofa AG is a German MLM internet company, with headquarters in Saarbrücken, that created an innovative social media platform called Cube7.

Bonofa plans to go public in 2017 once Cube7 has over 100 million users. With the IPO the Bonofa partners will get rewarded once again since they are co-entrepreneurs. Before the Cube7 launch in October this European company is also going to open a US office in Houston, Texas, in September to ensure its presence in the USA.

Cube7 is the flagship product that combines all the major features of social networking, which is currently a huge online niche.

Last week Bonofa announced its Cube7 launch. The new social media platform will be launched at a huge event in Turkey on October 20.

Bonofa affiliates have already seen the transformation of Cube7 into a state of the art business platform during the past months. Bonofa is adding new features and improving the user experience weekly.

Cube7 will first launch the communication module, followed by shopping, gaming, entertainment (music and movies), gambling and apps. All of these features are available on different social platforms; however no company ever integrated them into 1 concept.

Bonofa partners will make money on everything the users purchase on Cube7.

While the platform is already open for Bonofa affiliates, the public will only be able to sign up starting from October 20 2013. Cube7 will be free to use and new members will receive a €80 ($100) voucher to spend on anything they like on the platform.

On top of the voucher, all new Cube7 members will also receive free bonus credits for them to use on the platform. They will be rewarded with “Cubix” while using the platform and once a certain number of “Cubix” has been accumulated, they will be able to exchange them for cash.

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