David Wood Speaks Out About Multiple Streams Of Income

David Wood, Empower Network, CEO


David Wood, CEO Empower Network, one of the fastest growing software and web marketing companies speaks out on his Facebook about multiple streams of income, where a lot of companies – field leaders are avoiding to answer the question.

David Wood:

Someone just tagged me in a status, asking whether one or multiple income streams is better – the question is: better than what? and: Better according to who?

That depends on what you want. Read my response below. I respect both. Both work. For different things. I choose the team:

Depends on what you want to do with your life, and how hard you want to work. (this is my only comment, and then I'm out)

Lots of income streams works for people who have the knowledge, background, time, money and energy to manage them. USUALLY people who do that have almost zero success, anywhere in any team they build, except the occasional odd 'super hero' story. Kind of like when I used to do it. I made a lot of money, and the only people in my teams who succeeded were the random, one in 10,000 super hero.

I changed my philosophy, and became focused on a single vision.

Now, I have arguably the most successful per-person team in all of direct sales. Because I focus. Now, instead of one super hero making $10,000 a month – I have almost 1,000 people earning over $1,000 a month, and 100 six figure earners, 30 or 40 people at massive six figure earners.

I don't knock anyone's game, the way they want to play it – but I protect my team from nonsense. Multiple income streams works – for people who already know what they are doing only. For people who are full time only. For people with massive lists only.

Focusing works.

Focusing builds bigger, more successful, more long term incomes with less management, maintenance, skill, and work, though – there's nobody in direct sales who can debate that with me successfully. Look at the largest incomes, the most long term, with the most leadership – and you have ALL… and only people who focus on one thing for a long time at the top.

It takes a long time to develop leaders. Occasionally you sponsor them. Developing them though is the way to the greatest future.

So do what you want to do – but stay away from distracting my organization – because I'm better at distracting them towards focus.

Here's the thing:

We welcome both in our team. Someone can come in, slam as many people in as they want – then move to the next thing. Not a big deal. They'll still get their income. We'll never, ever terminate them. They are free agents – allowed to promote what they choose. And, we still love them.

That's just not what I choose to do – because that's what I did for a long time. I had to learn how to grow not just an income, but a team.

There ARE people out there – who have no interest in teams. They are there to solely sell, and make money.

Good for them, I congratulate them.

I'm out Angelo – I challenge you to find me someone with a massive team of ridonculous success downline who did lots of things at once when they created it – for any one you find, I'll find a thousand who focused on one thing – it is the way that works better for the masses.

Personally, I'm interested in loving on my team, with one vision, in one direction, for a long period of time lifting them up to continuously new heights.

And I'm not going to debate, because there is no debate. They both work. For different things. That depends on what YOU want.


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