MLM Professional Robert Blackman Speaks Out

Robert Blackman


Robert Blackman is a true servant leader for the Network Marketing industry, this is what he published on his Facebook:

RISKY BUSINESS? As a Network Marketing professional I've recently been questioned by a prospect that I was taking a risk being in the profession I am.

I sat back in my chair and listened and then here's what I had to say:Let's talk about SECURITY then, okay?


I've worked for someone else and so has 100% of my family and friends. Guess what? They all either got fired or the company went out of business. Or, worse yet, they were met at the door with a box of their things and asked not to come back and given an early retirement that few could actually live on.


I've owned my own printing manufacturing plant before and so has my Father. And, my Mother owned a beauty salon with 13 chairs. So, I'm no stranger to the American Dream of owning your own business. Net result? We lived at those businesses. We had Microwaves, TVs and army cots in the back as we spent so much time there it became our entire lives. Taxes drained our profits. Overtime killed us. Finding a good employee was like finding the pot at the end of the rainbow. Competition undercut our prices and our rents went up. Net result? The business owned us, we didn't own it!


It's a non-traditional way of thinking, that's for sure. But, when I first saw it I couldn't sleep all night. The simple idea of an individual being able to harness the power of franchising without the $100,000 to $1,000,000 price tag was a dream found true.

Network Marketing isn't perfect, it's just a better

(Chapter 1 of Eric Worre's book Go Pro found on Amazon. If you're serious about making this a career or an intelligent way of adding to your income or retirement get that book)

I chose Network Marketing so I could spend more time with my wife and children, period. That was my motivating to do it while I had a job or owned my printing company. I was smart enough to realize that I would never be able to travel the world with my wife and kids at a job, nor while I worked 80 hours at the plant…never.

I had to do something different if I wanted to get what was important to me, time freedom. I risked my SECURITY of a job or a traditional business for my dream…having a big family and actually spending more time with those that I love…it was a simple decision for me.

Risky business?

I believe the risk is an illusion in our minds. To me, the greatest risk is spending all your time building someone else's dream so they can spend more time with their family and travel the world…that's how they do it, leverage over employees.

Network Marketing gives you the power of a CEO of a major 500 Corporation without all the degrees, hand slapping and politics. Network Marketing gives a level playing field to anyone, it doesn't discriminate like a job can.

That's why most aren't initially interested in Network Marketing once they see it. It challenges their way of thinking and their way of life…it scares them and it makes them feel insecure.

What most people don't realize is that you have to keep your job while your building your Network Marketing business. That requires a little time and money on the front end. So, we're asking a prospect to not take a step forward, but a tiny step backwards on FAITH that we do have a better way.

Most aren't ready for that. Their spouses aren't ready for that. They aren't ready to sacrifice TV time or bowling night. And, that's okay…get them as a customer. Network Marketing isn't about CONVINCING or twisting arms like a used car salesman.

No sir. Network Marketing is about EXPOSURE. Like a virus. If I infect you with the Network Marketing virus and you don't join I move on. I let it do it's work. The more people you expose it to the more time freedom you'll have. So, John, I'm doing this thing…are you in are are you out buddy?

He joined the next day…got his wife on the phone and the three of us got them a realistic game plan to subsidize their retirement and got them on a schedule of two days a week they'd work their business two hours on those days. That's how this business works folks…expose, expose, expose.

The only risk you're taking is wildly succeeding if you follow that game plan!

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