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Jan Eric Nyman


Network Marketing professionals Jan Eric Nyman and Jonas Werner have joined OPN – Sitetalk.
OPN welcomes Jan-Eric and Jonas along with their large Network teams.

Jan-Eric Nyman from Sweden started his Network Marketing career at 23 and he has reached the top of two other Network Marketing companies.

In one of them he was a team partner of Kenny and Thomas Nordlund, co-founders of OPN-Sitetalk. Jan-Eric has over 22 years of experience in the industry and with that he leads his team in the way of duplicating the system.

Without a system there is not any company that can succeed, says Jan-Eric, who is excited about the new home of OPN and SiteTalk.

You can expect to see a lot of great production and we will work as hard as all the top Members in our team to make sure that OPN becomes one of the top 5 Network Marketing businesses in the world. Jan-Eric lives has been living in Spain with his wife and daughter for the last year.

Jonas Werner from Sweden, has been in the Network Marketing industry for over 14 years  and being one of the founders of his last Network Marketing company Jonas knows that a great vision and strong work ethics always gives result to those that are willing to go out and do the work.

There are no free rides in Network Marketing and in my last company we managed to build almost 30,000 Networkers and close to 4 million customers.

We feel that we have now finally come home to where we belong, in to OPN and SiteTalk. We will keep focusing on giving our teams the support they need to reach their goals in life.

Jonas lives in Sweden with his girlfriend.

Jonas Werner - OPN Sitetalk

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