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Cayla Craft, Isagenix


Cayla Craft is an 26-Year-Old ER Nurse from Bakersfield, California, USA and independant associate for Isagenix.

“She told me her sister Kelley was doing it and I basically just said ‘I’ll do whatever you’re doing,’” laughed Cayla, who struggled to feel rested most of the time.

The Turning Point

Cayla committed to doing a 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System with her friend Danielle and says she “fell in love with it. I didn’t feel like a zombie anymore.” That’s also the moment when she decided to take a look at the Isagenix compensation plan; the financial reward for helping others try Isagenix nutritional products.

“I thought it was just unreal and started telling everyone I knew about my experience with the Isagenix products,” shares the 26-year-old of California. “Danielle and I linked arms and just went for it.”

And it’s paid off.

A New Life

Now, instead of putting eight-hour night shifts at the hospital every night and feeling exhausted chasing the kids around all day, Cayla decides when and how much time she’ll put in at the hospital thank to the estimated $21,000** she earns in commissions and bonuses every month with Isagenix.

“We have no debt and now we have time freedom,” explains Cayla, a 5-Star Golden Circle, 3-Star Crystal Executive and top 20 income earner in the START group. “Now I can be present at home with my kids and invest into their lives and be involved in tons of different charities and ministries. This is such an incredible blessing.”

Dreaming Big

But, Cayla’s not stopping there. Her ultimate dream is to retire her husband from his high-paying job so he can do what he loves: be a worship leader at their church without a salary.

“He doesn’t think I’ve replaced our full income yet, so I tell him ‘we’re getting there, buddy,’” laughs Cayla. “I want both of our dreams to come true.”

For Cayla, being home with her kids is huge, but the next step is owning her own medi spa, which she never thought would be possible. Now, it’s in the works.

Successful from the START

Cayla credits her relationship with her best friend and START Ambassador Danielle as well as the entire Gen Y-centered START group for helping expand her vision of the possibilities available to her with her Isagenix business.

“I stopped making this complicated and now just ask people to get on the products and see how it fits into their lives,” explains Cayla. “So many Gen Y’ers are visionaries who don’t want to work for someone else, but they need someone to paint the picture of how to get there. START introduces them to a family and shows them there’s a place for them.”

She adds, “Isagenix is an endless opportunity. There’s a solution for everyone; your grandma, your best friend, your sister or your brother. Anyone can do this business; you just have to be willing to do things others won’t do in order to be successful.”

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