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JJ Birden, Isagenix


Athletes often make a name for themselves playing professional sports, and in the minds of many, making extremely good money.

However, it comes as a surprise to many that after professional athletic careers are over, many are left with little to no work or field experience outside of their sport, and more often than not, without a future or a career.

Yet, this is not the case for former NFL player, JJ Birden. With a degree in Sports Marketing, and a lifetime interest in health and wellness, JJ dove right into the industry shortly after he finished his career as a professional athlete. JJ not only invested in health and wellness companies, but also worked as Vice President of Sales, as well as an Executive Officer at one point.

JJ, who has always been an entrepreneur, became attracted to network marketing in 2007. He realized all of the amazing potential the industry offers, “Network marketing allows more time for family, the time and ability to be there for children.”

JJ has been happily married to his college sweetheart for 23 years. Together, JJ and his wife, Raina, have 3 biological children. Though, five years ago they welcomed 5 nieces and nephews to call their own. After finding out he was the next of kin to 5 children, who were to be placed in foster homes, JJ and Raina immediately volunteered to take them home, turning their family of 5 into a family of 10. JJ fully supports every member of his family, in fact one of JJ’s main reasons he believes in network marketing, is so he can both provide and spend time with his family.

For the past 6 years, JJ and Raina had major success with one network marketing company, and although they had a wonderful and prosperous experience, the two decided they were ready to make a change. This change was a difficult decision for JJ, who researched many different companies,

“I actually made a list with eleven requirements that the next company I chose had to meet. I made the decision to not sacrifice anything with my next company…and Isagenix met all those requirements” JJ stated that he felt Isagenix was the full package when it came to building a business and profitable income with network marketing. “I narrowed my list of 50 to 25 to 15 to 5…and in the end, I decided to choose Isagenix. Not only did it meet my requirements, but it offered me so much more.” So, why did JJ choose Isagenix International over other health and wellness and even network marketing ventures?

The Leadership.

Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover, and Senior Director of Field Development, Erik Coover

“I loved that when I googled the Coovers, I could only find positive information about them! The family knows Network Marketing. It’s so refreshing to see that Kathy Coover herself was a network marketer; she knows the field and what we expect and deserve. I was impressed to find out the Coover’s required their son Erik Coover to build a network marketing business first before he could begin working for the company.  Not many owners would make such a requirement of their children.  The family, as leaders, not only impressed me but made me feel like I would be taken care of.”

The Business

“I love the infrastructure of the business; the simple system ‘You Plus Two Them Plus 2’ is brilliant. Their recruiting systems, such as and are great. Other companies don't have that; Isagenix really gives all of its associates the sales tools they need. Isagenix has everything ‘dialed in’… they make your job easier by giving you the resources that do the work for you. “With Isagenix, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Now that my team is starting to grow, I’m starting to have to deprogram old habits from my past! I used to do so much for my team on my own, such as make YouTube videos and record PowerPoint presentations…the Isagenix Sales Tools do this for you. Distributors are really given everything they need to succeed.”

The Products

“Some people might say that when it comes to network marketing, the products do not matter, it’s all about the pitch. Well that’s not true, nor is it right. People need to be a product of the product, they need to believe in what they are talking about, and they cannot lie. I love the science behind them, the healthy and natural focus behind them. I’m allergic to gluten, so to see so many gluten-free options for health food is so great. I’m a big protein shake guy, as a former athlete, stuff like that is huge for me. I love that Isagenix has so much to offer. I love the idea of sampling and trying all the products. There really is something for everyone here. Everyone is looking for a health solution, and Isagenix offers so much more than weight loss. It’s healthy aging, skin care, and energy and performance.”

The Compensation Plan

“The compensation plan is great. People can make great money upfront and residual commissions kick in quickly after building your team…that’s amazing.” With programs put in place designed to get you earning as much as $5,000 in 5 weeks right from the start, this company got it right.

The Success Stories

JJ loves the success stories of Isagenix. By simply sharing the positive health and wellness transformations and success stories to others, it is easy to build your Isagenix business. “A lot of (network marketing) companies get their field into an emotional frenzy in order to hype them up on selling… (At Isagenix) there is no need to create an emotional frenzy; the field just needs to share the true stories to build their team and their business.”

The Legacy

“Isagenix International is an 11 year old company, not a start up business, Isagenix has a proven track record. They are proven and they are on the road to becoming a legacy company by the decisions they’ve made and continue to make. All the proof is in the growth of the company.”

The International Business Opportunities

“I love how Isagenix is doing everything right from the beginning; we are headed in great directions internationally. We are currently in 9 countries with China and Columbia opening soon…I love that. I have many connections in different countries, I love that there will be no hiccups and you can build seamlessly with other countries when building your business.”

The Recognition

“Isagenix rewards and recognizes those who strive and work hard to build their business. In the past, I used to have to do that myself. Although I love when my team succeeds, it means so much more when corporate recognizes those who are really working. Isagenix does not see everyone on the field on a day to day basis, the fact that they acknowledge success means so much.”

Because it’s right for his Team

“I want to take care of those that I have the privilege of working with; I want the best for my Team. I believe in achieving not only my goals, but my team’s goals as well.” JJ indicated that he wanted to help more people globally, but loves that he does not have to worry about setbacks, hiccups or other challenges. JJ knows that he can just plug his team in. “I have always been about the Team.  It’s why we named our organization Team X 88 International. My Team stands for Together Everyone Achieve More. I know Isagenix will take care of my team, ensuring that achievement.”

“Part of the Team concept involves having the right upline support.  If you don’t have the right sponsor it can affect your ability to be successful in network marketing. My new business partner, Ben Stephenson, has 33 years of experience in the industry.  I value his experience because I desire to work with someone who can teach me something about this industry and is willing to work as hard as me. Mr. Stephenson has certainly been there for me and Team X 88 from day one. I look forward to a long partnership with him.”

JJ Birden was born and raised in the inner cities of Portland, Oregon. He attended The University of Oregon on an athletic scholarship where he played football and ran track and field. JJ Birden played in the NFL for 9 years for the Cleveland Browns, the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Atlanta Falcons. JJ, his wife, Raina, and their children, currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Contact JJ Birden at

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