ACN Top Earners Ranks 2013 And Global Production

Greg Provenzano


ACN, Inc. is a MLM company that provides telecommunications, television, energy and other services through a network of independent sales agents known as Independent Business Owners (IBOs)

Based in Concord, North Carolina, USA, ACN began operations in the United States in 1993 as American Communications Network. It extended operations to Europe in 1999, to the Pacific in 2006, to Asia in 2011, and now operates in 23 countries, on four continents. As a reflection of its international operations, it changed its name to just the initial letters ACN.

The company is a member of the Direct Selling Associations in North America and Europe.

ACN is the vision of four entrepreneurs – Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz.

These Co-Founders had countless years of direct sales experience between them, but were dissatisfied with other companies and job opportunities they had encountered. They realized that the only way to find a company they wanted to be a part of was to create that company.

Recently ACN introduced Anovia Credit Card Procession and in Europe the Benevita Weight Management system. Both introductions gave sales a nice bump.

Based on ACN's Global production we have updated the ranks for ACN:

2nd Quarter 2013 Global Production SVP

2nd Quarter 2013 Global Production - top 25 RVP

ACN Top Earners, the est. earnings are as follows:



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