Brad and Marcia Hager Resign From Zrii

Brad and Marcia Hager, FX Xpress


Brad and Marcia Hager, the Nr. 1 Top Earners in Zrii International – 10 Stars, have resigned and sign up for FG Xpress, founded by Ron Williams.

Currently residing in Las Vegas, USA the Hagers support a thriving and dedicated downline thanks to Brad's experience in the industry; Brad has worked for both corporate offices and the field. In the early 90s, he developed a company-wide recruiting and training system that lead his company to over $100 million in sales.

Brad and Marcia, along with multi-million dollar earners Gary & Susan Walsh, have built an organization that set a company record by enrolling over 175,000.

Brad has trained thousands of people in effective life-skills seminars that are powerful in building not only a successful financial network marketing business but also a balanced personal relationship environment with family and friends.

In August 2009 they stated:

Hager Marketing Group announced today they have partnered with Zrii, LLC, as their new home in the network marketing industry. Thanks to Zrii's new compensation plan, Zrii is on a path to accelerated growth and bringing in new top leaders like Brad and Marcia Hager.

Zrii's compensation plan is the first of its kind–launched in June 2009, the Prosperity Plan is a mega binary plan that pays out 50% and is based on team building and up to five generations of matching bonuses.

Distributors can earn achievement bonuses of just over $1.4 million in cash, giving new enrollees plenty of incentives to advance to the top. The premium levels of the plan provide distributors with a generous BMW reimbursement program, incentive trips, and multiple business centers.

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