Jamberry Nails Expands To Canada


Jamberry has become a household name in the US in less than two years for their easy-to-apply long-lasting nail wraps.

Jamberry is now extending their successful business model to Canada, beginning September 2013.

Independent consultants representing Jamberry sell by arranging parties and other social gatherings at which women learn about and sample Jamberry’s nail wrap designs. The business model is both fun and empowering for the modern woman.

Jamberry was started with three sisters, Keri, Christy and Lyndsey, who are best friends and became business partners in 2010. They launched Jamberry Nails for women just like themselves who want perfectly manicured nails while running from the gym to school drop offs to work and back again.

It had to be doable for people that don’t necessarily do 'girly' stuff, explains Lyndsey, the youngest of the Jamberry Sisters, “It had to be easy to follow, last a long time and of course be stylish and personal in a way that would speak to a woman’s personal tastes.”

After playing with some different materials, they settled on a resilient vinyl-based formula as the canvas for their creatively designed nail wraps that could be applied at home with a simple heat and pressure technique using a standard hairdryer (application videos and tips are at jamberrynails.com).

Jamberry features over 300 nail wrap designs each season, and the company made strides in early 2013 by launching both a collegiate licensing program (spirit fingers) as well as the first ever Nail Art Studio (NAS), an online customization tool so anyone can create personalized nail wraps by simply uploading their own pattern, graphic design or photo at jamberrynails.com.

The NAS is the ultimate tool for everyone from beauty junkies looking to personalize their routine to small businesses looking for unique and creative ways to market to women.

The latest Jamberry collection, for Fall/Holiday 2013, features classic, trend-driven and runway-inspired designs as well as the addition of a high-end nail lacquer in colors that perfectly complement some of the most popular nail art designs. A luxurious new hand care treatment line rounds out the season and cements Jamberry as the go-to brand for everything related to hand and nail care.

For more information, please visit jamberrynails.com and find Jamberry Nails on all of your favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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