Amway USA Average Income 2012 Revealed

Dexter Yager


Amway North America has a new Business Opportunity Brochure (BOB) out and it has some new statistics on average incomes.


  Average Highest
Q12 Platinum $55,042 $190,264
Founders Emerald   $135,664  $838,533
Founders Diamond    $590,928  $2,945,820


One interesting thing is that the percentage of all Distributors (IBO reaching these levels has also increased –

  2010 2012 Increase
Q12 Platinum 0.25%    0.32% 28%
Founders Emerald   0.08%  0.10% 25%
Founders Diamond 0.02%  0.03% 50%


That’s a great improvement in rates of achievement. It means that for every 222 IBOs, at least one (“sapphires” are missing from the statistics) is Q12 platinum or higher. What does this mean?

Let’s put it in context –

  • from the TEAM vs Quixtar lawsuit that about half of IBOs aren’t doing anything (even ordering)
  • from the BOB Amway says 54% aren’t “active”, which you can be categorised as by buying enough stuff to get a bonus, going to one meeting, or asking one person if they want to buy something.

So just by being “active” and do something, anything, your odds of being part of a group earning over $55K/yr are about 1 in 102.

Source: The truth about Amway

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