Bob Doran – North American Power Hits $1 Million In Combined Earnings

Bob Doran, North American Power


Bob and Lisa Doran enjoyed starting and working on their own business all the way back in the 1990s, but there was a catch.

“Long before North American Power, my wife and I started a publishing company. Our first title was House & Home Magazine, and after 13 years we have added other titles, but our lives were no longer our own. We were no longer business owners, it was more like the business was a Bob and Lisa owner.”

The daily grind, financial concerns, and the non-stop stress and responsibility took their toll. The large overhead, and the time-consuming nature of owning a publishing company could be overwhelming, and this led them to look at other possible income opportunities, like energy deregulation.

“We chose the North American Power Opportunity because we saw it as a possible way out of the pressures of the publishing industry, which took deep dives during economy turmoil. I saw North American Power as a recession-proof safety net. It was another pillar of income that was in a burgeoning industry. Not everyone needs a magazine, but everyone needs electricity.”

Bob and Lisa are thrilled to have replaced their long hours of overtime with the part-time hours they put into their North American Power team. They sold their publishing company, and now enjoy more time with friends, family, and continue to have a substantial income.

“And best of all, I love what I do,” says Bob. “Helping people achieve what they want out of life, and seeing them hit their targets is, to me, one of the most rewarding things in this life. North American Power’s combination of integrity, compensation, charitable giving, and green energy made them the right company for us to hit those targets with.”

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