Gavin Scott – Kleeneze Hits $8 Million In Combined Earnings

Gavin Scott, Bonnie Arapes, Kleeneze


Kleeneze Homecare is a multi-level marketing company, and was started in 1923, in Hanham, Bristol, England.

The founder, Harry Crook, had emigrated to United States with his family several years earlier and while there joined Fuller Brush as a sales representative. He returned to Bristol several years later and started his business making brushes which were sold door-to-door by salesmen. Kleeneze was bought by Findel PLC in 2007.

Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes are top earners in Kleeneze and they have hit the £ 5 Million pound mark (USA $8 Million) in combined earnings.

Gavin Scott says:

21 years ago I joined Kleeneze and it was flying under the mlm radar then, and still is. Kleeneze added 200 to 300 new products, making it a ground floor opportunity again each 6 month

Also we have add personlised products and a online shop now and top online sales are already over £3,000 a month

When I joined, Zig Zigglar was saying at the time, if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want

However its all about new people earning money

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