Healthy Habits – New Coffee MLM Launched

Ted FitzGerald, CEO, Healthy Habits


Healthy Habits Global, based in Anaheim, California, USA is a direct sales company that sells beverages enriched with Reishi.

Healthy Habits' product line includes coffees, chai tea, hot chocolate, and EnerGi Blast, an instant energy drink. All of Healthy Habits' beverages come in pouches of individual ''sticks'' that are designed to be mixed with water.

The stated mission of Healthy Habits Global is ‘’ to create an opportunity where people from all walks of life can participate and create an immediate income as well as a long term monthly residual income.

We will always offer unique health and wellness products that meet or exceed industry standards for quality assurance. We will always base corporate and executive decisions that air on the side of our distributors and customers.''

New Healthy Habits Distributors can choose from a $99.00 Starter Package, $199.00 Business Pack, $499.00 Success Pack, or $999.00 Executive Pack. The Business, Success and Executive Packs include successively higher distributor ranks and larger amounts of product. Distributors who join with the Starter Package can upgrade at any time.

Healthy Habits has a multilevel compensation plan. Healthy Habits distributors can earn retail profits, a 20% commission on personal customer orders, weekly Fast Start Bonuses, residual and team overrides, and other bonuses as they achieve higher ranks.

Ted FitzGerald is Founder and CEO

Ted has been in the direct sales industry for over 17 years and brings a vast amount of business experience to HHG. Prior to his direct sales career, Ted built many businesses from the ground up including athletic clubs, restaurants and other retail establishments. His knowledge in finance, marketing, and operations will help take HHG to the upper echelons of the direct sales industry.

Over his 17 year career in direct sales, Ted has hit the top positions in every company he has been involved in. He has build organizations of over 55,000 distributors with over $10 million in yearly group revenue. As a member of the elite club of documented direct sales millionaires, his passion for helping people is what drove him to start Healthy Habits.

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