Epic Launches In Mexico

Glen Jensen, CEO, Epic


Epic has launched today in Mexico.

Glen Jensen, former CEO and Co-Founder of Agel Enterprises launched this MLM company – EPIC, with his partner Al Chua from EcosWay a large $500 Million annual revenue Malaysian Direct Selling company.

Brent Jensen is president. It has attracted several Direct Selling legends. Epic is a social enterprise focused on delivering high quality products directly to consumers via a direct-marketing model.

Epic has the knowledge and know-how of a group of veteran operations, marketing, technology, and creative personnel to deliver quality products, programs and tools to help their network of independent distributors realize the primary purpose of Epic:

“To build a social community empowering people to live their dreams.”

Vincent Tan is a Malaysian businessman and investor. In 2010 he entered the Forbes billionaire list. His property arm is developing a $3.5 billion resort in South Korea's Jeju Island.

He is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, a $7.5 billion annual revenue conglomerate which is in a wide array of businesses which includes golfing, property, resorts, and gambling in a group known as the Berjaya Group.


He is teaming up with Glen Jensen in Epic.

Tan's success in the Malaysian business sector has been attributed in part to his close association with prominent Malay political figures.

He owns social networking website Friendster.com and bought shares of Facebook through his Internet company, MOL.com.

In 1982, Tan purchased Malaysia's McDonald's franchise and in 1985 he bought Sports Toto when the lottery agency was privatised by the government. Tan obtained the license for his lottery business from an non-tendered privatisation in 1985.

Vincnt Tan owns a controlling share in the UK football Premier League side Cardiff City Football Club. He recently signed the Giving Pledge, committing to donating half his wealth during his lifetime.


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