Amway Orders Can Be Picked Up At 7-Eleven

Doug Devos, Amway, CEO


Amway Thailand has partnered with Dynamic Management Co, a company of CP All, to make it more convenient for its customers to pick up products they have purchased from the direct-sales firm.

Under the arrangement, the nationwide network of 7-Eleven convenience stores now is a 24-hour channel to pick up Amway orders. It was instituted last month.

It allows more than 1 million Amway business owners [ABOs] and members to receive Amway products faster and more conveniently at a location closer to their homes, said Kittawat Ritteerawee, managing director of Amway (Thailand).

We are confident that our addition of 7-Eleven as the new pick-up channel will greatly delight ABOs and members across the nation because it will cut down the waiting time until they can pick up their orders by one or two days.

In addition, they will benefit from a three-stage SMS [short message service] notification system: dispatch from Amway's distribution centre; arrival at specified 7-Eleven stores; and confirmation of pick-up by the customer. With these notifications, ABOs can also stay informed in real time about the status of their orders and can rest assured that all their orders are dispatched to their customers in the most complete and speedy fashion.

Chuan Nimkittikul, senior vice president for distribution at CP All, added: Dynamic Management is Thailand's leading provider of integrated logistics support with a proven track record of longer than 13 years as the goods transporter for 7-Eleven.

He noted that CP All currently operated 7,400 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide.

The partnership between Dynamic Management and Amway Thailand will not only be a significant driver for business growth, but will also benefit consumers directly, because they will be able to order Amway products and conveniently pick up their orders at a 7-Eleven store in their neighbourhood 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service has been up and running since last month, allowing Amway ABOs and members to place orders by phone via the Amway call centre … or online, then specify a 7-Eleven store to pick up the order using the reference number of that store.

The order will then be dispatched to the specified 7-Eleven store one to three days after the order date.

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