Andre And Penny Walton Join FGXpress

Andre Walton, FGXpress


On their website, Andre and Penny Walton, address their readers and team in a message: 

We hope you are all having an amazing day. Andre and I wanted to take this time to address our New Journey.

For the past seven years we have been on an amazing roller coaster ride with MonaVie.

We have traveled the world with family and friends, business partners and CEO’s.

It truly has been an amazing ride for us in the industry and our partnership and loyalty with MonaVie. Being network marketing leaders and former Black Diamonds in MonaVie for many years, we have now decided to partner with FGXpress, a membership buying community focused on helping millions of people who are suffering with chronic pain.

We are excited to be a part of this global mission and to help millions of people suffering from chronic pain, by applying a unique delivery system of a nutritional source found in the ocean, called, Marine Phytoplankton”

FGX sells a product called a “power strip”. The power strip is patented, doctor formulated non toxic and listed with the FDA as a class 1 medical device, and the best news is, it ships anywhere in the world in an envelope. FGX is bringing a global opportunity with access to 190 countries.

Our journey of leadership in the network marketing industry started 7 years ago. Andre and I were working a successful traditional business for 17 years, and were not looking to create another job for ourselves, however we desperately needed time freedom. A dear friend approached us with a product that forever changed their lives. Within 14 months we were on our way, to not only earning a 7 figure income, but getting our time and life back!

We not only have been blessed with the journey of building an incredible organization helping thousands of friends/distributors earn a residual income along the way. We are beginning our journey by taking our experiences and new found relationships along a New Journey to help millions of people in the coming years to move into their destiny. Our mission has been and will always be to help the world discover their greatness within. We wish you all the best and may the wind be at your back!

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